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X-Factor Psychic Predictions

It is not about who has the most talent but more about who has the biggest following and the ultimate winner ‘long term’ of X-Factor 2011 will not necessarily be the contestant who has received the most votes.

There is no doubt that the competition is high and that all the finalists are extremely talented and it is true that if the public were not able to vote the results would most likely to have turned out very differently, as has already been proven with the exit of Misha B.  It cannot be denied that she is a huge talent and I feel she will play a dominant part in music industry in the next few years.

So what is the future for each of the finalists?

Well this year it has been more about the growth factor as all the three entries by just entering the competition has led the way to changing their lives forever.

Amelia-LilyLibra born Amelia Lily recently said to be having liaisons with Niall from ‘One Direction’ and has a bright future ahead of her.  I feel although he and she will remain friends their business careers will separate them.  The X-Factor marked the beginning of physical changes in her life and I feel she will find the need to walk away from certain emotional issues in her life.

Just above her I see a lot of happiness and new financial beginnings bringing some unexpected surprises including charming and catching the eye of a person of royalty leading to an invite to exotic climes.  Her whole life is about to change and in the next six months she will have everything she wished for. 

Her strong sense of humanity and giving personality are strong qualities that she possesses which will stand her good stead when negotiating and making important decisions and by trusting her inner voice she will be able to communicate clearly what is in her heart.

I see a long career ahead of her which will include branching out into the acting field which will be a natural step forwards and bring about a liaison with a man linked to the film industry who will become a very important relationship in her life.  I have a definite picture of her standing with a dark haired man and holding a blonde child. She is wearing a long white dress and they are posing for the press at what looks like an award ceremony.

All her success will serve as a reminder of how far she has come and that fate gave her a second chance in the competition.

Marcus Collins
Marcus CollinsI see Marcus Collins also having a bright future ahead of him and again the X-Factor will mark one of the biggest turning points in his life.  He will receive a lot of attention and it will be a challenge to balance both work and social activities.

There will be a huge amount of growth musically over the next few years and the next three years are a massive growth period where he really comes into his own and begins to develop in maturity and as an individual to his full potential.

He is a very dedicated and honest performer who I see learning to let go of past insecurities through his music which will gain in depth and reflect his inner personality.  In around 10 years I see him in his own studio producing and writing his own music.     

Little MixLittle Mix
The cards predict Little Mix to have a rosy future if they are content to be part of a team.  At this time the focus is to win whatever the odds but once the competition is over the question of a lead singer will again come into question.

I see a strong management figure who is demanding in his efforts to push their success which will take a toll stress wise on the group and will trigger insecurities and cause them to question what their individual goals are.  It will be important that they work for the good of the group as a whole and not allow ego to take over as this could lead to strong dispute.

I see a lot of drastic changes coming for them concerning styling and future development and I feel some decisions will be taken out of their hands.  I do see an eventual parting of the ways as for some of them the desire of leading a solo career will prove too much ways through them all wanting different things.

Do you have a prediction for this weekends final or for what is going to happen in the next years if so then leave us a message in the comments area below, we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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