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Why We Suffer In Relationships

Recognizing why we suffer in relationships and what to do about it? My teacher and guides make it know to me that suffering is self inflected by our own thought, attitudes, and our focus of attention. As what we give attention and focus to, as co creators will manifest. My inner teachers also tell me that as we live our core values and share these values with our partner love will blossom. Couples that share the same principles will also blossom. Recognizing our own denial thoughts that keep us all acknowledging that we do not deserve love, is caused by our accepted beliefs. These accepted beliefs can be classed into two areas.

First, being what we have allowed into our own subconscious mind passively, by known no better. Secondly, by fear of losing what we have infested our belief in. Accepted belief blocks the ability to create harmony. These have been placed in our subconscious mind without testing if they are true. When accepted beliefs are not tested, they run in the background of our awareness diluting down due to fear and lack of trust and create boundaries to love and being loved.

All accepted beliefs that the subconscious mind holds will limit our ability to create our dream relationship and fulfilling your heart’s desire. Recognizing defence mechanisms that have been developed in our childhood and the habits and patterns that limit our ability to give and receive love are the root cause of unhealthy thoughts that will manifest and become our self inflected reflection of our own separate mind which will create through the "law of attraction" what we think into being. Defence mechanism creates false truth. Living with false truth creates unhappy thoughts which will cause suffering.

Denial happen due to the concept of neediness and the  feeling  of being  unloved due to the heart "chakra" putting a wall around the heart, which become our self inflected defensive wall. This blocks the ability to receive love. A blocked heart will pay more attention to the fearful mind.  If one is in a healthy relationship, one will have their emotional needs met, but if ones needs are not met one will fall back to their childhood defence mechanisms. As this happens, love is blocked and a block heart cannot recognize the feeling of love as an inner feeling.  This creates lack of trusting thoughts due to the lack of our emotional needs not being met. Couples come together to meet each other emotional needs and share their dreams. One must be able to give and receive love. If the heart chakra becomes blocked, it is self inflected due to lack of awareness of the inner knowing that all are love and are on their own inner journey to become aware of this truth. This creates the idea that we are unloved and are not respected.

The grove and patterns of thinking are predictable when one is not a conscious being of manifestation. Thoughts become things. Unloving thoughts, attitudes and mentality are developed in our childhood and become our own limitations which will reflect back as our own self inflected experiences. The need to protect self become habit and will run in the background through developed habits of the need to defend one self.

My wisdom teachers told me that when one has an attitude of openness and the willingness to keep loving thoughts in all areas of our life, our life experiences will manifest our dream relationship. Tolerance is the wisdom that it would be wise to practice.  This does not create exclusion and being trapped by our own deep seated habits which are unconscious and will block our ability to give and receive love. It would be wise to practice and develop understanding and compassion in all areas of our thinking. This will create loving thoughts and loving thoughts will manifest and become our experiences daily.

Taken responsibility for your unloving thoughts and judgement towards others allow us to not to draw to our lives dysfunctional people in friendship, romance and business. It also stops lower attraction of misguided entity entering our aura. 

If you feel I can help you to know more about how to find healthy relationships in different aspects of your life, and getting an inner wisdom to fulfil your heart desires, please call me.

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