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Why Predictions Don't Always Come True

Ever had a reading where predictions are given which do not happen, but the reader was right on other things? This is all to do with free will, interference and negativity. All can alter outcomes and either cause a delay or blow things wide open.

I once had a reading with one of the best psychics in the business, who has now sadly passed.  Some of what he said to me did not make any sense at the time, but some of it did, coming to fruition the very next day. However, it took four years for the whole of the reading to make sense to me.

I trusted in the process and was patient in letting things happen when they were meant to happen. One of the predictions included me becoming a professional in the psychic world.  He announced to the whole theatre that I was a psychic medium, so my secret was at that point no longer a closely guarded secret, but it was the start of my incredible life with spirit. 

When we give predictions, it must always be remembered that the person that we read for has their own part to play.  Let me give an example.  If you ask me if you are going to get the job you are interviewing for tomorrow, if I say yes and you then go in and sit there and say nothing, do nothing or just don’t turn up then of course you won’t get the job. This is how your own free will affects outcomes and in a reading no reader can factor in freewill, negativity or interference. That’s because these extra factors come in the moment. They are not planned, they just happen. Remember, a reader can only read for that exact moment in time.

I could have rushed out and acted on what was said, but I didn’t. I sat back and let things evolve naturally and in that natural evolution I found that time and time again things fell into place for me.  This was not leaving things to fate; opportunities were taken when they presented themselves, but I did not interfere and when I reached the end of that journey, my life had changed from all recognition. I trusted in the universe, I trusted in the process and if you take nothing else away from this article, please remember that when we try to force things along the pathway before things are in place it will be met with resistance. It’s a matter of physics at that point, not being psychic. Force creates resistance. 

It’s the same with emotional matters.  We can say there will be a reconnection but then you change your mind; you move on or there is one huge negative issue and those issues can all change outcomes. We can only read for that moment in time and if things change thereafter because of the big three influences, this cannot be factored in.

My own guide gives things called ‘markers’ which are little predictions in themselves and when the markers happen and the main events do not in the time frames given, there will always be interference, negativity or freewill exercised. They are given to show those that we read for that they are on the right pathway and do help on the individuals journey..

I say all of this so that you have some knowledge of why some predictions do not play out, or why sometimes you have to wait longer than a timing given. So please don’t judge your reader to harshly if some things have happened and others have not. Look at how the situation unfolded. Are you aware of any other outside influence that interfered with the outcome?  Hopefully, having this knowledge means you won’t interfere with the outcomes and let things happen when they are meant to happen.

Please don’t judge your reader harshly if they are not always making sense to you as what we sometimes get in a reading is not literal. Give things time to play out and give things time to manifest.  Things normally all come to light at the end of the day and as long as eventually the information given in a reading makes sense and that is what matters.

I always suggest you write your reading down and as a tip, do not share it with anyone as even that can interfere with the energies. All of this is given so you can avoid the changes that come with interference, negativity etc.

I hope this goes some way to explaining how things can change, timings, outcomes etc. The only thing set will be the life lessons and everything else we have free will with.


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