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What Is Love Anyway?


A big thank you to all of you that have taken the time to read my bloggs. I really enjoy reading for all of you. This is a kind of love, as we are sharing feelings, and communicating about our deepest troubles. With this blog I’m going to concentrate on love relationships although there are many kinds of love we all share with family, friends, colleagues and even people we meet daily.

Love can be very hurtful as well as enjoyable. How many times have we said, “never again”. Only to find our self’s in the same situation a short time later. When a new person or the same person has pulled our heart strings again. When it starts this can be the most wonderful feeling in the world. Giving us joy and excitement, believing we can concur anything with a great confidence boost. If we’re lucky the relationship will last. But when it ends in heart break, we experience pain and the feeling of a whole in the heart not being able to concentrate on anything else. Unfortunately, some of us continue the circle repeating the same experiences again and again. To break the circle, we need to recognize how we are reacting then to change something. If we continue to do the same actions, then we will receive the same results. Remember no one or anything is perfect and that means love. No relationship continues without its ups and downs, its how we deal with it that counts.

We all have to give love and take a risk for love to be returned. However, when it is unrequited it can be extremely hurtful giving us realistic pain. When your heart hits the floor its hard to pick yourself up, but we must to move on, don’t look at what you have lost. How ever long the relationship lasted you have gained experience and learned from that relationship. Its hard to stay friends if we still have romantic feelings for the other person. By wishing there was more but staying only as friends can damage you and stop us from moving on. We all deserve to be loved and have it returned. You wouldn’t constantly hurt yourself, so why do it with your emotions.

When we love ourselves, we are ready to give and receive love. To love yourself it helps to go on a journey of self-discovery, finding out what we really want and who we really are. A good exercise is to write down all your good points. How you give and receive love through friends and family. Once you have found yourself you will find more confidence and energy within yourself. Feeling good about yourself will attract similar type of people around you. You are in charge of yourself and deserve to enjoy positive energy’s. Give yourself a small treat each day whether its just 30 minutes to yourself or a chocolate bar or laughing out loud with a friend whatever makes you feel good you deserve each day even if its only for a short time. Watch how your life improves by taking a small step each day to love yourself. Look in the mirror in the morning and tell yourself love is the miracle cure. Loving myself works miracles in my life.

When in a romantic love triangle, it can be hurtful to everyone. Its unbalanced and unfair to you and the relationship. This kind of relationship rarely works with a pleasant ending. You are number one and deserve the best. An open loving relationship which is well balanced on both sides can be extremely rewarding and what we all deserve.

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