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Unusual Decks of Tarot Cards and How They Differ.

Unusual Decks of Tarot Cards and How They Differ.


As a Professional Tarot Consultant and Psychic Practitioner/Counsellor and Natural Healer I have collected many different tarot card sets over the years.

Some have appeared to me in strange and unusual places when I have least been expecting them or neither was I searching for them.

One in particular I can recall was discovered in a couples Garage in New Zealand whilst I was living there.

The Garage was used as their shop at home with recycled articles, antique pieces, art, goods etc.

I would walk by on my way to the shopping centre and have a chat with the wife who was almost always there.

We would chat about her daughter a lot who was also an Angelic Healer and Clairvoyant- Medium and had moved long ago to Queensland, Australia.


On this particular, day I noticed a deck of cards in a packet, looking like an ordinary pack of playing cards.

No book, .No Box, other than the packet they were in. Red and White.

No words except the words Jeu de Tarot in French on the outside, which we quickly interpreted as ‘‘Game of Tarot-’’ not joy of tarot .My French, was a bit rusty by then, not having practiced it since Secondary School days.

I opened to see what appeared to be playing cards but also picture cards  showing the major arcana in numbers but not able to be deciphered by the pictures.

The pictures were like no other art I had ever seen on any Tarot Deck and I had owned many in my lifetime and seen even more.

They were old fashioned pictures which seemed to depict people around 200 years ago travelling on a journey and settling in a new land I thought of the early pioneers here in Australia or similar.

I bought them for the princely sum of 5 Australian dollars I took them home and studied them as best I could.

I could decipher the Major Arcana from the numbers only and wrote in small letters in pen on the back of the cards what they were e.g., the sun, the moon, the star etc. Not any of the major arcana looked like the sun, the moon or the Star even.


The minor Arcana I could see could be interpreted quite easily as 6 of swords etc or 6 of hearts .Diamonds became pentacles and Clubs became Wands. Spades became Swords.

After Blessing them and clearing them I began to use them in my practice and found them to be a very useful tool I noticed each picture of the major Arcana could be turned around to view a different picture when it was upside down.

It was only recently that I discovered that for Legal Reasons, at one point in time the Tarot had to be legally disguised in a pack of ordinary playing cards to conform to Liquor and Gaming Laws and thus be legal .How Clever!

It does seem to say that no matter what the laws of the time -the Ancient Tarot will still live on through any stormy weather to present time.  They cannot be suppressed!

I have a piece of History in my hands.

Interesting to note that the magistrate’s courts and the Legal System always had courts corresponding to tarot cards e.g. Love Court, Moon court, Wishing Star court, World court etc. but these had been shut down or suppressed.

They have recently been re-opened again.

The Tarot thus seems to correspond with the Legal System and as we do work with the Spiritual Laws, it seems holistic to have a Legal System Correlating to the Tarot.

Any way my dear Readers, I do hope you enjoy a tarot reading one day, either with me or somebody who you feel drawn to.

You May be Surprised!

Blessed Be!

Crystal Rose

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