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Twin Flame Energy Part II

What’s the difference between a soul mate and a twin flame? 


A twin flame usually has a lot to do with trajectory, in that a person's course will change (usually dramatically) or substantial change will occur in their lives (and remember not everyone likes change, in fact, a LOT of people avoid it and remain in very stuck or lack energy). 


As you can imagine this is when more friction happens between the 2 people. 


If you believe you have met your twin flame, remember to embrace change. Change is always good and is key for a twin flame connection to balance, align and progress. 


A soul mate could easily be your ‘type’, whereas a twin flame may not be. Twin flames are incredibly intense all round. The connection could be described as submersible (in that going to greater depths of mental, emotional, and spiritual levels) and will likely conjure a catalyst of growth (and change). On a spiritual level the connection is one (it is only thought of as two in the 3D sense). Separation does not exist at all beyond the 3D actually. 


In a twin flame connection one soul just may not be “ready”. Usually, I see one soul that is and the other usually in some avoidant type of energy. I guess the best way to describe this is that one holds more fear than the other (but this can interchange as the souls usually dip in and out of each other’s lives). Twin flame energy is that of a mirror. You see parts of you (highlighted) as you look at them. One person may look in that mirror and avoid their reflection and another could look back in their mirror and embrace (and it can be as painful to do to be honest). 


Sometimes an emptiness or a feeling of void can be then present for either / both. Remember, one completes the other so without that wholeness there could always feel like something is just “missing”. I am not me without you and vice versa sort of energy. 


This energy can create a very back and forth energy (stop / start) with no real sense of consistency or fluidity. It can feel like one choppy sea for sure! It can cause annoyance and frustration to say the least! 


The chaser and the runner dynamic as I refer to it is incredibly triggering! However, there is no right or wrong here. It’s not to say that both souls should be delving into this connection and growing together as one. Ultimately, it is down to the human(s). It simply just is. There is no such thing as right and wrong in my opinion. And I firmly believe all is playing out as it should be. 


Usually however, one is “running” from the truth (themselves) and the other one “chasing” it (going within). One acknowledging the wounds, the pain, the intensity, the overlooked energy, the intense feelings, the fear, the love, (the everything that is) and the other avoidant or just not really willing or wanting to honour themselves or the connection on the whole. 

Equally, it just is - and I guess that is the beauty and magic of such connections. Even just to feel this energetic connection really is something else. To stick it out however is something quite different - but to embrace and “figure it out”, well, electrifying! Like no other! A real sense of belonging and home. It’s hard to describe in one word or sentence (pr even put into words) but just fulfilled energy. Complete. Like a lovely warm brew (well more captivating) but the warmth and safety of it all. Peace. Pure alignment and peace. There is also an overwhelming sensation of protection. No one would protect you like twin flame. It holds a very deep sense of security. 


To summarise the feelings here; a divine, light energy of ecstasy. The missing piece of the puzzle (but the piece that was missing for years and years and you looked high and low for it every day and eventually years and years on, you happen to just come across that piece and slot it into place)! 


Have you ever felt a moment of pure bliss, absolute stillness and just a whole lightness energy? Well, think of that feeling and then multiply it by thousands! 


But it’s never that black and white. It’s complex. Incredibly complex. It can last lifetimes too. Eventually it will be (but that may not be in this lifetime). It could have also been in a past lifetime and then not so in this lifetime (but so in another future lifetime). It’s all down to soul growth and where each soul is on their journey of growth when in the human form (also when the soul is split it is then vibrating separately and can then further evolve on its own - leaving its “counterpart” behind in a sense). One half does not need the other half to evolve further. However, I have seen that the two souls will re-join in the inter-life and further grow as one there. And for that to happen it’s very easy. Like I say there is no separation beyond the 3D. There they grow as one again (but in human form they can grow and evolve separately - and then they can split again from there if they choose to stay that way, and at very different paces too). Essentially, it’s down to the human too carrying that soul and their pathway and acceptance of growth. 


Mindset does come into it too FYI. A fearless soul can progress (and process) quicker. And generally, a fearless soul has had more lifetimes (but that’s not always the case as experiences gage fearlessness also). How do we overcome fear? We live through it. When we have done something for the very first time, we can literally be terrified. Do it again? Yes, it becomes easier. And again? Even more so! And in life there are many many ways we can learn one lesson - it won’t always be presented and lived through in the same way. Essentially though, being fearless comes down to mindset. When we talk about this human mirroring (as are you, so am I) this will be particularly relevant to certain parts of the person. So here, mindset is key. That willing energy of embracing the fear and taking on the challenges. Not just their own but their counterpart souls too. 


Communication can be void or non-existent in some instances. Fear can literally freeze this area. (usually more so on one person). Sometimes you can find the polar opposite is happening on one to the other. E.g. one can be so open and willing in their throat chakra and the other tight and avoidant in this area. You see how this would need to be balanced to work out? The other would need to be willing to open up and want to have more open and honest communication. Communicating our truth is key in this energy (in fact in any relationship). I always say love is so simple, it’s humans that make it hard (and with twin flame connections usually even more so). 


Lots of love (and bringing you more) Hope xoxo

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