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Trials, Tribulations And New Beginnings

Have you ever heard the saying, `What you get through only makes you stronger’?

Well that not is always the case of course we can crumble too but eventually as the sun and moon come out and rise each and every day, we will adjust and gain strength to go on or develop coping mechanisms to get through things, so in that way we will endeavour to find that inner strength within us that enables us to carry on no matter what the storm may bring or have landed upon our lap; it may be we have lost the love of our life, our home, a bereavement, all the above or something totally different.  It is not a competition, loss is loss in whatever form and when we lose someone, when a relationship fails it can be devastating, knowing the two of you are not together and one may still have feelings for the other party, love or just feelings, they don’t just stop overnight; even if they if they don’t love the person, it is the devastation and the memories which still come to the surface.
However, either way we go through the grieving process and stages therein which often we do not realise at the time, such as denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance; the grieving process can take a long time to deal with and cannot be hurried, it is individual to each person.

The positive side is this, like if you enter a tunnel you will come out of it the other end and things eventually will seem brighter.
Even if one is happy over a relationship ending there may be times too they may be going through the grieving process.
When a relationship ends I like to look on the positive side of the situation and obviously one does not feel positive at the time when it happens, but one does not know what is in store in the months or years to come at that time it ends, so what could be the reason?

You were meant to meet someone new? Could it be that you are meant to be on your own for a while? 
Was it that the relationship wasn’t working but you didn’t have the strength to move on, so the decision has been taken out of your hands so it ended anyway? Is it that you are meant to meet someone whom truly values, respects and appreciates you for you as you are and not the way they wish to mould you? 

Where you in a rut and needed to move on and this now has made you sit up and take notice?  Has it now chanced your view on things and made you more focused or driven?  Can you now move away and do what you want with no strings attached?
These are just a few things to think about…..
When relationships end they do so for a reason…….I like to think because there is something   
FAR MUCH BETTER AWAITING YOU, it may be a week, month, months or a number of years, but I have found it was worth waiting for and it couldn’t have happened and wouldn’t have happened if in that relationship.

So I have found that things may not work out when we want at the time we want, BUT work out in time when we need them to. One just needs to have faith that something better will come along. It often does so unexpectedly out of the blue.
HOWEVER, without ENDINGS there would be no NEW BEGINNINGS
Here is to your NEW BEGINNINGS
Angelic Light

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