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Tips For Best Psychic Reading

Tips on finding the right Psychic and getting the most from your reading

It can be confusing on where is your best choice to find the right psychic reading for you so hopefully these tips will assist in making that important decision.

First of all check the profiles of the readers, beware of online sites that show stock images i.e. bought off the shelf images who will not be the person you are speaking to. Ask The Answer will not accept a psychic or tarot reader that is not willing to portray their own face.  We might not be all model types but we are the real thing.  This is your first step in trust. 

Read testimonials from previous callers and feel welcome to leave your own

Most of us read the energy of a client, that energy comes from your soul and therefore respect for your soul and you as a person is the utmost of importance to a genuine psychic.

If you are struggling with a particular issue in your life, the psychic should be able to help you with answers that you can ponder upon so you can make your own decision.

A good psychic will never direct you, but guide you in the options available to you. They may show you options you have never considered before but ultimately it is always your choice which path to choose.

A reader should be able to show you the obstacles you are or may face and give you an informed choice so you have extended knowledge to make those important decisions for you.

When we break up with a loved one they play on our heartstrings for sometimes, days, months or years even if you don’t want to be with them.  This means sometimes you will get a different reading if you try several readers looking for the solution to sooth your heart.   You may be hurt confused or questioning why initially but then you might just keep thinking of that person to try and heal that hole and not move forward.  So listen to the guidance and options as there is no definite answer to your future love, as you are in control of your own fate and anything can change.   

If you are not clear about anything said to you, don’t be afraid to ask for further clarity. Sometimes things will trigger hours or days later.

A genuine psychic will have your best interests at heart and will do their utmost to guide you. They might not always say what you want to hear i.e. nobody’s world is nirvana is it and that is the truth, but they should never say anything to upset you or cause you distress.

This leads us on the don’ts

Don’t waste your time or your money calling a psychic if you are a sceptic or want to play games and ask questions for example about a love that doesn’t exist. A true psychic will know...and you would not go to a doctor and feign an illness and expect a good result.  The psychic will be affected by a game and you would walk away gaining nothing.

Don’t be fooled by any Psychic asking you to contact them direct for a cheaper option. If you do you are now out of the bounds, security and the rules of conduct that applies to all assessed and guaranteed Psychics. All our readers at Ask The Answer need to go through rigorous assessment and testing before they are allowed to join our family.

Avoid 36p lines or deals that sound too be good to be true. They generally are not the real deal and you have no idea who you are talking to.  Ask The Answer do offer a £10 special for first time callers simply so you can experience the quality and then the decision is yours..As always.

I hope this helps and warmest regards.

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