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The mundane to the magical


The Mundane to the Magical


In our daily lives problems are bound to arise. Sometimes we avoid our problems either simply by not thinking about them or pretending they do not exist. I think there is a better approach which is to confront them head on and explore the options this will put you in a better position to appreciate the depth and nature of your problem


In my early thirties I came to the conclusion that I was in the wrong life. Clumsy as it may sound that was the nature of my problem. It felt too much of a battle and totally overwhelming to do anything constructive. So I continued to moan and thrash around in a career to which I felt no real fulfillment and in a city which did not meet my needs. I longed to live in nature, I Longed to be independently creative and to explore what I perceived as my more intuitive and psychic side. Combined with my Monday to Friday job I started to work at Psychic fairs reading Tarot at the weekend. Immediately I was enthralled by the atmosphere and sense of belonging. Meeting other readers not only thrilled me but enabled me to “come out” and relate to others who had similar belief systems. I started to dress differently and incorporate spiritual items or artifacts into my home – the décor changed. Along the way some old friendships were dropped and replaced by new ones to which I had more of a common ground. At times this was both painful and alarming but gradually the feeling of anxiety was replaced by excitement and a sense of optimism. I also began to purposefully seek solitude, usually in nature. I went out with Benny the dog for solitary picnics by the sea or a river. I took a book or just walked for hours.


I then began to take more risks alone I attended meditation meetings dowsing workshops; anything either cheap or free which would lead me down the path I needed to go. My wistfulness changed to action and because I was feeding my dreams rather than ignoring or feeling threatened by them my decisions were more focused and uncompromising. Strangely at this time, my mundane career began to offer promotion and substantial increase in salary. So this was the real confrontation of my problem; do I sacrifice my real vision for security and financial stability. By feeding my real vision through commitment the decision was easy. I chose what today was and is my true path. So my advice is: nurture, therefore strengthen your dreams; what gives you pleasure and fulfillment is your true path and it will take you on a journey of its own momentum.


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