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The Winter Solstice and The Nativity Spirit

What better time than now to engage in beautiful rituals?
The Winter solstice and the Nativity spirit are favourites in our spiritual calendar. 
Optimum time to prepare for the festive season, Christmas and the New Year, by releasing old patterns and to welcome the new light with gratitude, peace, love, prosperity, harmony and joy.
The winter solstice (this year on the 21st of December) is when the Northern hemisphere is tilted away from the Sun and that is why we do not get much Sunlight; nights are longer and days are shorter. 
At this point we will be passing away from the shortest day of the year into gradually receiving more Sunlight.
Even at the peak of our longest night we must be certain that the evolving wheel of life is constantly changing and a rebirth of light is always there for us.
This reminds us that the only constant thing is change and the winter solstice brings us the opportunity to reflect on and be thankful; is a symbol of eternal hope, after every end there is a new start.
Different traditions around the globe and from ancient times practice the winter solstice and the nativity spirit celebrations.
Ceremonies and rituals are embedded in nature by honouring the seasonal and agricultural processes and by engaging in ancestral and mystical, religious and spiritual rites.
Just to mention few:
The Nordic Jul, the English Yule (meaning the wheel) or from the Roman mythology, Saturn’s festivities (God of the agriculture). 
The Latin word ‘nativita’, translate into English as nativity, meaning, “to be born” nati = birth, vita = life.
All these traditions are in our collective memory and in our DNA; whether subconsciously sometimes, we are getting ready to celebrate and receive ‘the Birth of Life, the Sun and the Son of God’.
Prior to all the activities concerning our Gregorian calendar I truly recommend a space of time where we can switch off from all the commercial side of it and switch on into ourselves, even if is just for a moment.
At this energizing time we can get rid of old things to make space for the new. We can reflect on the year that is gone, releasing emotions, finding lessons and renewing our hope and desires for the future.
Being conscious or not, we are all practicing rituals when we engage with our traditions. It may be for different reasons and our sociocultural, religious and socio-economical environment could influence it.
My hint:
Create your own conscious rituals for your wellbeing, for your essence and for your connection with planet and universe.
Once we create our own ‘personal traditions’, once or twice a year, a month, a week or as many times as we want; you will see that interacting and delivering with and to others, develop into a more enriched exchange and also it becomes easier to handle the stress of the festivities.
That is why it is so essential to create and experience this very personal self-gift before carry onto the other activities ahead of us.
My personal ritual for this winter solstice and nativity spirit, which I am very glad to share with you, starts by repairing, cleansing and letting go of all what we can at this time. It can be physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It can be around the house, your place of work and your self.
Once I have completed the previous and often-tedious tasks, I love to engage in an activity where I focus with all my heart.
This year I have prepared a centerpiece for my desk at work, as my desires, hopes and wishes focus for the New Year on prosperity and new endeavors.
Using numerology and colour therapy I select elements according to the likes of my being and my hopes.
If you would like to do it, please take note:
In a piece of paper write 21 wishes:
7 wishes for the planet and humankind
7 wishes for our family and friends
7 wishes for our self
7 main flowers that can be seasonal like amaryllis or of your choice, colour here is very important, and more flowers if you want for decoration or to reinforce the ritual. Soak them in water with honey
7 tangerines or a seasonal fruit of your choice depending of your likes and wishes
7 coins or even notes, or an element that enriches this beautiful rite
Candles are essential, whether 1 altar candle or 7 tea lights, always impregnated in pure essence oil, in this case tangerine.
Also spices like cinnamon and vanilla are well recommended to attract in a better and sweeter vibration.
With all these elements create a beautiful centerpiece and place it where you want to reinforce your desires, it is yours and no one needs to know it is been ritualised! 
If you would like me to help you in creating your own personal rituals, please call me I will love to advise you.
Wishing you all a very merry season and a very happy new year!

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