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The Esoteric World Of The Psychic Today

PsychicPeople often ask me why it is that only a portion of us are psychic?  Well lets start by clarifying that psychics come in many forms and work in many diverse ways to get the knowledge out to you the person who will benefit from that information, there are many of us that have been practising our gift since birth and others who through circumstance some form of magic is triggered within us that guides us towards helping others as a psychic many years into our own lives, it is this inbuilt gift that spurs us on and from which we can build upon towards the necessary skills needed to go further and reach yet more needy souls and assist with their own individual journey, above all a total respect for this gift and the ability to tap into knowledge is required, a psychic is actually active 24 hours even as he/she sleeps as a complex electromagnetic field feeds information at an alarmingly fast rate from the Universal life force that connects to us all, many subtle DNA changes take place during that process.

The bodies subtle energy system is a complex one and has the ability to make contact with the psychic plane, keeping the beautiful aura clean and crystal clear is an important part of our psychic ability and after a while it becomes second nature to recognise any imbalance and rectify our own subtle system by mere inputs of thought directed at the individual chakras, it takes years sometimes to learn and to act upon our inner feelings and this is one of the reasons a psychic will always go out of their way to learn more to enhance their own individual skills and gifts.

Life changing circumstances and shocks to the subtle system can and do  bring about making us aware of the ability we have to read into other peoples lives, in many cases we are simply not ready to do so beforehand as we need to bide our time until the gift is unwrapped and ready for action ! do not fret budding psychics because you will know when that right time comes, it affects us all in many different ways and not a second before, all that I can say is that it is well worth waiting for and once firmly within your grasp is a true gift to behold.

Today the work of the Clairvoyant is more in demand than ever before as changes on a massive universal level affect us all, the way we think and go about our lives has brought about a new awareness that brings us closer together as collective beings, our thoughts and dreams can quickly become our actions sometimes turning lives upside down in the process with dire consequences, this is the very reason why many of us need loving and gentle guidance as we as psychics are more aware of the fuller picture.

Awareness and knowingness go hand in hand, with all due respect many of us are blinded to the true reasons why things can and do go wrong, we need to be always aware that the Universe works not just for one being but for many millions of individual people, the ones that go outside of this circle are the ones who are vulnerable and get lost, one of the jobs of the psychic today is to place the person back onto the rails of the life force energy and steer them in the right direction thus bringing harmony and balance back into their lives.

Use the map given to you by your favoured psychic to study the necessary areas that they have mentioned, take each in turn with a detailed approach and use positive thought patterns only to bring the qualities needed into your lives, to this end the mighty Universe works with a set of rules that you must firmly grasp, do not allow the ego to intervene and start pulling you away from that true love that really is yours for the asking and taking, once you start to become your very own master and have that ability to detect ego intervention then you have unlocked the first door to success.

With much respect and love to you all from Merlin.

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