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The Colour Of Light - Autumnal Orange

Colour the Universe’s special gift to mankind.  Although we are surrounded by colour and its vibrations, we tend to take it for granted. Marching through our busy lives, oblivious to the blues, greens and browns of nature, to the colour choices of passers-by and the personality traits these would reveal if only we stopped to notice.  As qualified colour therapist I tend to bring colour into my Angel readings and thought it would be useful in this article to share with you some of the magic of colour.

The effect of colour on the human body has been scientifically proven.  We each need a balance of the seven spectrum colours, these colourful vibrations travel to our pituitary gland, the controller of our endocrine system and affect our entire well-being. Be it physically, mentally or emotionally.

Physically it helps our bodies to utilise sources of calcium and phosphorus. It also helps to control blood pressure by both raising and lowering.  Mentally it can calm or stimulate, emotionally it has the energies to lift or depress.

In these articles I want to explain something about colour in general and then focus on one colour each month. Please note that as individuals we are drawn to our colour types, although this can change as we journey through life, this will be explained in more detail in a later article. By learning the properties of these colours, you will gain a greater understanding not only of your own personality, but also of those around you.  I look forward to sharing this journey of colour enlightenment with you.

Autumnal Orange
If as an individual you have always been drawn to this colour then you are an orange person.  Orange people tend to be positive, focused, and practical.  They are social, lively, a little loud, outgoing, cheerful and joyous, the life and soul of any party.  They are also full of vitality, creative and comfortable in their own skins and with their own sexuality.  It is for these reasons that they make excellent, architects, designers and engineers.

A negative side of this colour personality is that they tend to overdo things and take on too many tasks, a result of all that surplus energy, which in turn may lead to stress and a weakening of the immune system. If this sounds like you, try to balance some of that energy but introducing the calming vibrations of blue into your life. This could be as simple as wearing a blue sweater or lying on the grass and focusing on a clear blue sky.  You could also try relaxing with essential oils:

Orange BlossomCardamomBergamot

Orange Blossom for the immune system.  Cardamom as a stimulant.  Bergamot to release built up stress.
Orange individuals also find the musical note ‘D’ brings relaxation and connects them with their inner self.

For non-orange individuals, it is still important to get a balance of all the spectrum colours.  As a bold colour, orange is unfortunately often under used. This can lead to blockages causing the individual to experience shyness, or be fearful of everyday situations.  In others it may cause a lack of interest in life, leading   in some extreme cases to relationship break down and sexual problems.

There are many ways to bring a little orange warmth into your life. Try meditating whilst holding an orange crystal or gemstone.

AmberCitrineCarnelianTiger EyeOrange Calcite

Amber = protection.  Citrine = emotional well-being.  Carnelian = balance and inner connection.  Tiger Eye = confidence.  Orange Calcite = wisdom.
Remember crystals work by amplifying  light waves, so for full affect hold these over the Sacral Chakra, whilst meditating and using a positive affirmation, for example “May the positive magnetic energy of orange bring balance and warmth into my life”
You may wish to try colour visualization; you must remember that as magnetic colour its energy should be drawn upwards from the Earth through your feet. Feel the orange vibrations gently flow up through your body, focusing particular attention on your Sacral Chakra, holding it there for a few moments, before allowing it to continue upwards, breath out deeply realising its warming properties into the space around you.  Repeat this three times and remember to thank the universe for sharing this energy upon completion.
If your time is restricted, a simple way to introduce orange is through food and drink, good natural orange sources, from pulses and root vegetables to orange juice. You could also wear orange, if you find it to warm for your skin tones, try orange underwear, or as an accessory such as belts and bangles. You will still benefit as colour is absorbed into our skin.
I couldn’t end this article without a mention of attraction, as this is often a frequent question. And Law of attraction has a firm hold on colour. Love is about harmony and balance and so with this in mind, an Orange individual would be more suited to another orange or a red personality, that same orange individual would be likely to clash with a blue personality. Remember orange individuals thrive on high energy situations, true party animals; just a little more practical than red personalities, where as your typical blue personality craves peace and solitude.
However, just to confuse, it must be remembered that sometimes the Universe sends us what we are needing at a particular time in our lives, most often when we are experiencing an internal in-balance.  We will find ourselves attracted to a colour type that our bodies are lacking.  These relationships, start off great, but tend to fade over time, often leaving one of the lovers with a sense of feeling physically drained of all energy by the other. This can also happen in friendship relationships; we often have a friend who leaves us feeling drained, but cannot explain why.
So perhaps if the old saying of “opposites attract,” is becoming part of your life pattern, you should think about balancing your colour energies, a fully balanced system would leave you feeling complete and open for compatible and mutually pleasurable relationships. That will last.
It has been lovely taking this journey with you, thank you for your time; I look forward to next time when we will be exploring the Merry Christmas red.

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