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The Awakening and Birthing of Conscious Love

Mysticism "The Awakening and Birthing of Conscious Love within our Heart, Mind, and Body"


Mysticism, Any person who embarks on their own spiritual journey comes with a fixed idea of what truth is. It has been said that the secrets of the universe are within a person. This has to be true for me. As after I started my own interest in the tarot and meditation, I found it was the entrance to an astonishing mind-altering experience. Through the Tarot, I am being introduced to the hidden Divine Wisdom. Every day, I listen to Divine Masters and receive love, light, and Divine Wisdom. What I noticed about many of my past clients was their lack of belief in how I could read their aura and know what their projected thoughts would manifest. My Inner Teacher does all the work and I just relay what is given to me to do.


Since I was a young child I have been receiving Divine Guidance from my Higher Self. This happened through my intuitive heart sense and inner teacher. The higher self-intuition is available to all. In the days passed, we are allowing our inner teacher to become extinct. This happens because of the total attention we give to our separate minds. We then dismissed the intelligence of the heart and rely on the logic and reasoning of fearful thoughts and ideas that get projected on to the screen of life. We all will experience the manifestation of our own projected thoughts. Due to lack of use of our own intuition, we resort to those people who still have belief and awareness to their own inner teacher. The likes of those who work on this site. The closed conscious mind that has accepted the "prove it to me mentality", lack of awareness of the hidden power that is within their own heart.  The average person who not yet experienced their own awareness of the inner teacher uses their power of reason, which is after all a limited intellect to address their challenges to grow and manifest their life experiences. 


Deep-rooted fearful thoughts that have been accepted as truth play like a broken record in our self-thought which is happening deep within the subconscious mind. More and more people are seeking their own awareness of the struggle between the heart and mind. Once one starts to desire to know thy self, it is not what you learn in a book or accepts from another, but what you are able to tune into as time goes by listening to the inner teacher. The inner teacher or watcher, call it any name or associate it with any wise master from any religion or belief, it is but a sleeping giant and is awakening to Divine intention.


The average life is full of trials and tribulations which are designed to awaken us all to the power of love. Love is so stronger that it is stronger than the lack of love for when we are not emotionally fulfilled; we seek out our emotional need by forming a relationship with others. Faith is stronger than doubt and hope is stronger than despair. Good thoughts are stronger than apparent evil thoughts. So it would be wise to not let fear enter through your own inflected thoughts. For all projected thoughts are self-created and will manifest as your own experiences when you least expected it.


The Divine masters in all traditions of belief are pathways to the same desired destination. Which is the union with our Creator? To communicate directly with spirit and for the spirit to confirm the direct contact, it would be wise to have this as your intention. It would be wise to give your attention and focus to achieving this wonderful knowing that you are supported in your life challenges and are not alone. So desiring to expand one's consciousness will actually happen for all that seek it. If one studies the tradition of "religious belief", one will become aware of the same path we all will be taken between our heart intelligence which leads to Divine wisdom or the intelligence of the separate mind which is controlled and influenced by what beliefs are accepted as truth being fixed in certain beliefs which limits our life experiences. These are stored in the subconscious mind, as they become our focus and attention; we tend to experience our own creation of limitation of accepted as truth. If they are our focus and attention, the fearful thoughts will block our joy and happiness.


Due to the awakening and the new interest in getting advice and better understanding from wise intuitive highly developed caring people that do their work on this site and many others like it. More and more people trust the guidance and intuitive inner knowing that is savable to all. Where there is a need of guidance and understanding to solve problems and create a better understanding of the "Laws of Creation" that can be accessed through Divine wisdom which is passed on to those who seek support in the process of further awakening to the truth of our being. The "Law of Attraction" works to bring us to greater awareness of the invisible teacher and guides and enable us to experience the inner bliss that mystic experience gives us and the joy that creates Divine wisdom for all seeking truth and builds new bridges to higher wisdom. 


Mystics of the past in all religions have been given great wisdom as they receive union with spirit. Mystical experiences, visionaries have in the past predicted a shift in consciousness. This shift is happening now. With new discoveries and new perceptions, mankind is expanding their awareness of the possibility that what is accepted as truth may not be true. For with new direct awareness of consciousness, which will expand even further as more and more people have direct experience of their own inner guidance which will resonate within their being as feeding and know of love. The human condition has started to take the awaited journey, the Exodus. The Exodus is the inner journey we all will take to escape the limited restricted material consciousness. The birth or awakening taken place now needs understanding and acceptance.


You may have experienced a shift in consciousness in the early spring of 1983 when a shift took place. The reason this happened was that enough people were asking the right questions about the nature of the human condition. In the spring of 1982, all the planets in our solar system were in perfect alignment with the earth. My inner teacher told me that this was brought because enough people were looking to expand their consciousness... Prior to the end of the last century, there were myths of the end of time. During those years, many people that were sensitive to the energy were beginning to have reality checks of what was really taken place.


In Christianity, what was taken place, was at that time the belief that the second coming and the reappearance of Jesus and the beginning of a new earth. In the Hebrew tradition, one learns of the idea of two comings of the Messiah. It was also spoken that there would be a resurrection. Hence, the resurrection of the Messiah in Islam was "the day of judgment and the resurrection". For those people who believe in Zoroastrianism, the same theme is talked about. What is proclaimed is the duality of spirit and matter, as the fundamental principles of our universe. In the Buddhism, what was talked about was the inspired vision anticipating the coming of the Maitreya whose human consciousness would display similar consciousness as Jesus or any of the Divine masters of any of the traditions. All traditions are full of miracles and great Divine teachers. Hinduism also has enlightened teachers who embodied Divine qualities. Ramakrishna, His state of consciousness "yogi, nirbikalpai samadd"  could be conceived as the same as all the Divine masters as being aware of having all one life experiences within the presence of the Divine. In fact, if one would like to compare all the inspiring prophecy, they all speak of a new consciousness and the birthing of that, all births are difficult due to accepted beliefs of what truth is. This creates a fixed idea of what is the truth. That makes it difficult to let go old beliefs and accepted truth, which blocks us from greater awareness of what is possible within our life experiences already accepted as our belief. 


Fixed ideas of what is the truth, does slow down new awareness of an ever-expanding consciousness. The fixed accepted beliefs of the separate conscious mind prevent the possibility of new understanding and acceptance of adapting to new discoveries and direct experiences of spirit. The birth of new awareness which is now the focus of attention of many more people in the world is now being talked about and is growing. The self-development industry is the fastest growing industry in the world. This shift will lead to greater awareness of the Divine masters in all tradition. In fact, every one of us has their own beliefs and experiences of spirit working with them. Whatever name you want to call the spirit, we are all surrounded by intelligent wise beings from the higher world. Some people can already sense this, others can communicate with divine masters and there are others just awakening to their own inner teacher within the invisible world which is approaching mystical experiences through the sensitivity of the pure heart.


If the subconscious mind holds old ideas of what is the truth, there will be no progress. The subconscious mind holds our blocks in life through accepted beliefs. Because, with that part of our mind, we are unaware of the lies we tell ourselves. Until we all wake up and begin to become aware at the conscious level, what we give attention to and focus to will be co-created due to free will. As one becomes aware of the blocks to their life dreams which are instilled in each of us through fear, doubt and lack of clear understanding of our life experiences. Divine wisdom unblocked the limitations accepted by our belief due to greater awareness of the laws by which love governs and produces our life experiences.  Limited belief about self-authority and independent thinking give way for what information is accepted in the subconscious mind to become the absolute truth, even though truth keeps changing with new perceptions. Old ideas of what is a truth change with discovery and direct experiences of Divine intervention which takes place differently for us all. An example of that was the idea that the world was flat.  All accepted beliefs accepted this as truth, but with an actual new discovery, we know differently now. In our mind, there is a wall of accepted truth which blocks our true potential and true awareness of our life purpose is. It creates holding patterns that run in our subconscious mind, which run in the background blocking our life experience and joy.


The world now is in the progress of raising the shade of consciousness. Accepts truth is now being challenged, no longer can anyone of us live the lies of the past. This will change perception and bring into our life new experiences. In all our relationships, there is an emotional collision with our partners and within us. This causes unfulfilled desires of our emotional needs, which create a negative thought form that becomes our focus of attention and will manifest. Through believe and focus of attention, our hearts attract to us our life experiences. Having a limited belief in accepting only one truth creates a separation of what is the actual truth. What truths that have entered the separate mind become permanent, without the ability to change. The thoughts in the subconscious mind hold our beliefs, our focus of attention and control our life which causes much suffering within the human condition.


If your life experiences are not what you would like. I recommend you ask yourself some questions. How can physical processing create an inner, subjective experience? How can matter possess the ability to feel love? How can mere electrical signals produce degrees of sensation and awareness? Who or what is aware of the experiences? Why should information “feel” like anything in the first place? What causes the inner feeling?


As awareness expands, new experience and perceptions widen our universe to us. What we could not have imagined 30 years ago is now taken place at great speed and great urgency. In order to put things in perspective, I wish to take you (the reader) back to the beginning. If you observe History, you will see that there has been a progressive development taken place every couple of centuries. It is my opinion that the human mind does not find it easy to conceive any other type of existence other than human beings. We talk about spirit but can our limited consciousness understand what spirit is? Yet all our knowledge has been accumulated from ancient knowledge and wisdom from the early century. In order to solve the purpose of human life, we require wisdom and exact knowledge. So open your mind, be prepared to let go any human notions of what constitutes reality. Examine your present beliefs. As beliefs bound us to limited perception of what is the truth.


Now paradigms are powerful because they create the ideas through which we see the world. To be able to make a conscious shift to examine new ways of looking at the world and ourselves and to put into practice quantum leaps in consciousness, meditation is necessary and advised. In fact, without meditation, it is impossible to still the mind which blocks all new ideas from entering it. The mind always creates a psychic block or barrier. But once this psychic barrier has been reached, it is then possible to explore the unconscious mind while the conscious mind is temporarily closed down. The hypnotist uses this method to take control of you. So resistance is there within the fear focus mind, and it is the source of all dysfunction in the world. Having experienced a lessening of resistance through meditation which still the mind, you create non-resistance and over time you will come to believe that everything is possible.


One of my inner teacher's intuitive makes known to me that both man and women are reflections of the Divine principles. It is through belief and intention of everyone that we will experience our own limitation equally, through expanding our consciousness and creating greater awareness, all fears and challenges that life brings to us allow to know what love is. The internal two Divine principles, "male and female" create life and give us all the right to create our own life experiences. The union of man and women or the union of spirit and matter can create everything. The more powerful the love that one becomes aware of the less one will commit sin. Sin is creating separation from spirit by allowing the separate ego to grab our focus and attention on limitation through our own creative thoughts and believing in negative thought forms which impede our true life experiences, which in turn block us all from direct communication with spirit.



Sprite can only be contacted by stilling the chattering self-talk of the separate mind. So I recommend deep silent meditation. Then we can become the transmitters and instruments of love, When we love we become the beloved, this is the divine exchange of love felt within the heart that is pure. Mystic experiences shift our thoughts to seeking wisdom to solve life challenges. The innermost teacher changes our awareness daily and with new perceptions of the nature of what is true will also change...The more one maintains their connections to divine the more one advances in the school of life with the ability to act on knowledge which will become your  wisdom and will have a profound effect on your life experiences.


We are all different individuals. We each have different fears, different circumstances, and different life experiences. For growth and to awaken to the potential of what is possible. All of this is within our point of attraction. As well as accepted beliefs that limited our life experiences where get stuck and blocked. 


If you would like to get unblocked and receive clarity about what is going on within your experience within relationships and interrelationships between lost friends, family problems or any self-talk going on within your own subconscious mind that keeps you powerless. Know that the physical world manifests through the mind, heart and, the soul and if one of these in missing one will find it hard to manifest joy. Which will lead to being unable to know your own power and divine wisdom waiting for you to awaken, I am here for you.


Call me if what, I have written speak about the interest you or resonate with you...


Thomas 500126


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