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The Art Of Candle Burning

Orange CandleCandle burning is an art which has been with us for hundreds of years.  Romany law includes a vast array of collective spells from bringing love into your life to being successful in your career and bringing a little more cash into one's life when it is genuinely needed.  In this modern world this pastime has become more popular and accepted, in fact it has been re-named as Cosmic Ordering.

Candle burning does not need to be hard work and time consuming in this modern day and age. One does not need an elaborate alter containing a lot of magical equipment, in fact the more simple and basic, the better.  What you will need is a clean space such as a table, dressing table or even a coffee table.  Whichever you choose, it needs to be somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed.  Please make sure that you turn your mobile phones off, as this could cause a distraction and ruin your concentration.  Also, please try to be specific and realistic about what you want.  For instance no matter how hard you try you cannot make somebody fall in love with you if they are not interested.  You should never try to manipulate another, no matter how much you are in love with that person, as this could be a disastrous mistake for you in the long run and cause you great unhappiness. In a case such as this, you would be wise to ask for love to be brought into your life, as who knows, if your hearts desire is right for you then your wish may be granted after all.  Please be realistic when you perform candle burning to obtain money.  It is unlikely that spell will win you the lottery or make you a millionaire overnight.  If your need for money is urgent, then you must ask the universe for a specific sum and explain your needs.  If you are in debt you will find that the money will miraculously appear to you from some unexpected source.

Candle burning is enhanced by the tide of the moon phases.  To attract something into your life your spell would be more potent to work when the moon is increasing to full which is known as the waxing moon.  A new moon is usually associated with new beginnings, if you wish for something to disappear from your life you do this on a waning moon. Colour candles are necessary such as pink or red for love/ green for money and fertility/blue for healing and meditation /purple for spirituality and clairvoyance.  A white candle can be substituted for any of these colours as it is a neutral shade and white stands for purity.  The following is an example of a very simple old Romany spell designed to bring you success at a job interview:

On the evening before your job interview you will need an orange candle, a letter with the company's heading, an envelope, a £20 note and a paper clip.  Light the candle and lay the letter and £20 note in front of the candle. Show both sides of the £20 to the candle flame.  Fasten the note and the letter together with a photograph of yourself with the paper clip and place into the envelope.  Pour a little of the dripping wax over the envelope flap to seal this and extinguish the candle flame with a spoon.  Carry the envelope with you in your handbag or the inside of your jacket pocket during your interview. 

Yes, the spell is as simple as that.  Always remember to put feeling into your candle burning. It is as the saying goes: 'What you put in you get out.'  Never perform candle burning for negative means or to influence somebody against their will, as this art is designed to bring only positive influences into your life.  For any further advice on this subject then please feel free to call me.

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