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Strictly Come Dancing - Psychic Predictions

Strictly Come Dancing has really excelled itself this year. The 3 best dancers are in the final at Blackpool this Saturday. Every year there is usually one stand out celebrity that is sure to win but this year it will be very close. They are all winners as this next coming year is spectacular for them all. I feel Harry will win it in the end as he is very popular, handsome and boy can he dance.

Harry JuddHarry Judd – drummer from the pop group McFly but for how much longer?  I see in the following six weeks his life is going to be very fast moving in every area of his life including a change of address for him. This will start mid January and so he should take a holiday before he gets into a hectic schedule. There is a contract for him to sign and there will be talk of him doing a musical such as Grease or of that era. As we move closer to spring Harry will be trying all kinds of different things including re-training or looking closer at something he has always wanted to do.

Jason DonovanJason Donovan
 - Australian Actor/singer.  Out of all of the finalists Jason wants to win the most. He is certainly the hardest worker at getting the dancing right whereas Harry and Chelsee are the natural dancers. Looking at the cards going onto Strictly has been a personal achievement for Jason. He is at a crossroads in his life and wants to branch out a little and say to the world ‘look what I can do now, I’m back’.  The cards have a very deep and spiritual feeling about them and this is a turning point in Jason’s life. There is a lot of fertility or new life being breathed into Jason right now and we will be seeing more of Jason but in a different light. I would warn him though not to get too obsessed with getting things perfect as he can become very intense and get very down over the tiniest things.

Chelsee Healey

Chelsee Healey
– English Actress. Everyone loves Chelsee. She is so humble and loveable. She will have the world at her feet if only she believes in herself more. She is still very young at only 23 years old and feels she has all the time in the world. At the moment she is content in what she has and has to be pushed into doing more. I see that there is a very good chance of travel to America if she accepts the offer. There will be talk of her going into a musical such as Sweet Charity or the new Austin Powers musical. She has a very promising career ahead of her. I just hope she feels it too as she has a tendency to miss the obvious and dismiss what is right under her nose.

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