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Spring Equinox Fresh Energy: Bring It In!

My 7 top tips to bring in fresh energy this Spring Equinox…

Make new choices - If you are feeling dull and low, choose to feel light and energised. You can very easily choose how you feel. It's usually a case of a quick mindset shift here. For example, if you feel overwhelmed (and buried), see yourself as planted instead. You can grow into whatever version of you that you like. You will resurface when planted (all in good time and at your own pace). 

Make healthy food choices - Eat foods and consume drinks that make you feel good. Consuming low energy food and drink will have that energy on you directly. You may feel heavy and slumped. Eat more foods that grow on trees and plants. You are what you eat and drink (and what you put into your mind also)! 

Keep your mind busy - This is an important one if you are an over-thinker. When you keep your mind busy and focused, you have no time for an over-thinking session in that head of yours!

Get busy living - Stop worrying, start living! We hear it all the time. Live the best life you can. Live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Create the life you would like. Take inspired action (different from just taking action). Those of you who are familiar with 'The Secret' will understand this. Inspired action is key! 

Stay true to you - You know who you are. Continue to be you. If that means getting a whole new set of friends who are on the same page as you, then go ahead and do so. Go find your tribe! 

Keep it fresh - We are constantly evolving (some more so than others and obviously at different paces / frequencies, and all in different directions to one another) and we need to keep it fresh. How boring would it be to go through life being the same as you have always been? You can be consistent without being the same all the time. For example, I have been consistent in following my core values, but I have practised many different ways of living. When I was younger I wanted a vibrant city life, and now I love the peace and tranquillity of the countryside. 

Change – I love change, I welcome it. It’s good for you. It’s the only constant in life. Change inspires change, and change is not always scary. Without it, we would likely remain in the same place for our entire life and where’s the excitement in that? We’re constantly progressing and transforming every single day and it’s important that we learn to embody change with open arms rather than reprehend it. Change allows us to move forward and help us heal our wounds. When you start focusing on new circumstances and new reasons to be happy, you’ll stop paying attention to what no longer deserves a place in your life. Each and every change reveals something new about yourself that you didn’t pay attention to before. 

“Change is always good!” 

Lots of love (and bringing you more) Hope xoxo

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