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Spiritual Awakening Ups and Downs

Hands up those that have found waking up spiritually to be hard work? I suspect that there will be quite a few hands shooting up as this is read.

As all things are, waking up spiritually is difficult; we have to let go in order for the awakening to come in and sometimes we feel that price is very high to pay. 

How often have you wished the clock could turn back to when life was simpler, much easier and carefree? But the stark truth is that we are all on a spiritual journey, whether our human mind likes it or not. We have opted for this life when last in spirit so we can develop our soul and learn.  Us humans are pretty dim at times as it takes years for us to understand that we only learn when things are tough… we always have to learn the hard way.

In awakening, things around us can be destroyed. It must be that way so the new good things, that go hand in hand with the awakening, can come into us.  There is no room for growth if we are burdened by the past. 

We have all had situations that devastated us at the time, but when we look back after healing, we can see why, and how much better our lives are for that destruction, since it was replaced with something so much better. 

To have the good times, we must have the bad destructive times. 

Spiritually awakening sounds lovely, and it is in time, but you have to go through the downs to get to the ups of it.

The downs can cause the change of loss of everything we know, but what comes further down the line is the ups and these will always be so much better than what you lost.  You just won’t see it at the time.  Hindsight will highlight this.

Take heart in knowing that better times are coming after the losses.  Once spiritually awake, you will never look back; your ego will be gone, and your humility will shine through. 

For those of you going through a tough time now, it will get easier; try to see what you can learn from your situation and how far you have come in your own awakening.  And if you cannot see any of these, give it time, we all do… in good time. 


Shelly x

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