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Signs From Spirit

Signs From Spirit

You will have heard many psychics say “Look for the signs from spirit, from our loved ones that have passed over.”

The most well known ones are butterflies, birds at the window, or feathers. 

Spirit has to use what is around us and it does make sense that these signs will be seen, but it’s best not to generalise. By that I mean that not every feather you see will be a message from spirit; not every bird at the window will be either. 

Let me expand. Where I live, we were plagued by a certain bird in breeding season for two years in a row. For some reason this bird thought his reflection, in the window or the car mirrors, was a threat.   That was not a sign from spirit; that was a very excitable little feathery friend who did not want his lady friend taken from him!

Yet I have personally experienced give classic examples of signs on four occasions. I was told by a psychic friend that on the day of my late partner Mike’s funeral three butterflies would land on me.  I did not expect it to happen.  How wrong was I? Three butterflies landed on my heart that day.

On another occasion, I was at a close friends’ funeral. It was just after Christmas, with snow on the ground and we were gathered in this bitter cold medieval church. I thought we would all get frostbite it was so cold, yet a massive butterfly flew around the church during the funeral service. 

One Christmas Eve I was helping a friend out who was having a particularly hard time. Again, it was bitter cold, yet there was a butterfly happily flying about her lounge. 

I was amazed once by a bird.  Not just any bird but, an eagle with the wing span as wide as a car. I had a few things on my mind and I had silently asked for a sign that things were going to be okay. Within 30 minutes an eagle almost landed on the bonnet of the car, as if it was about to pick the whole car up! I had never seen that bird in the area before, and I haven’t seen it since.

Once, while travelling at about 5 am, I was enjoying the sunrise when I asked for a sign that a certain situation would turn out OK.  We were the only vehicle on the road, when suddenly there was a thump on the roof of the car. It happened two more times, and the radio suddenly came on. I will confess it made my passenger and I jump out of our seats, but at the same time we were happy that yet again, we had messages from loved ones.

With regard to feathers, if you live near a bird sanctuary then please be a bit more picky with your interpretation of this sign. For me, if I am walking along and a feather floats right into my path that is a good sign. Similarly, if I go to my car and there is a feather behind the wiper blade I see this as a sign. Other times I have found feathers stuck straight up, tip down  in the middle of my drive. Or the most bizarre one of all, walking into my house one night I found around 25 feathers on the floor, yet no bird and no windows open. It was completely unexplainable. To top it all off, I had just met up with Derek Acorah and he had predicted feathers.

I share this with you to encourage you to ask for signs. Maybe even be a bit cheeky and ask for a specific sign!  You will be amazed at what you get, and it will give you a fantastic feeling, as well as a heart-warming confirmation that your loved ones are around you.

If you are brave enough, there’s one final thing to try. It’s called a trigger object. Take a blank piece of paper and place a light object in the centre, something like a matchbox or a lid off an aerosol spray.  It works best if you are in a room that you can close off to make sure there isn’t a breeze to interfere. Draw around the object with pencil, but leave the object within the lines of the pencil mark. Shut the door and leave it for a few days. Ask your loved ones to move it out of the pencil lines to show they are around.  Go back in a few days later and see what you get. You might well be amazed

Hugs and stay safe

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