Guest Speaker

See Everything As A Blessing

From the moment that you were born you had a life purpose; you had chosen your parents and the situation that you were born into.  Whether it was as in my own case a colliery community or a small holding with many animals around you,that was the very start of your life that you were about to tread for the next few years and beyond.

As the years rolled on just like moss you gathered great knowledge, brought great joy and love to those around you who were to be your mentors, then there were the dips in life that seemed so cruel at the time, but those dips were essential for your physical and spiritual growth just like the first wobbly steps you took as a child.  You fell, then you picked yourself up, you cried then you smiled but all the time learning new lessons about yourself, yes you the unique child like nobody else?  You looked different and felt differently and all the time you probably never realised that you were on a long journey of self exploration both inwardly and outwardly that would take you along many tangents and crossroads.

Some of us achieved great things; some of us may have struggled?  But always these things were a blessing working quietly around us or in the background of our lives, it is said that we fear the unknown but the unknown is our finest teacher of strength and integrity, once we conquer our lives then we can climb mountains, yes mountains!

Life can be like that sometimes as if everything is going downhill or down a mountain?  What we firmly need to grasp is that the freedom we are given at birth to succeed has not always been easy but along the way there have been opportunities to meet our goal if we so wanted, you see everything really is a true blessing even if we do not always see it that way?

There are real gifts in life that many of us simply cannot see, but they really are there for everyone if they really want them?  We need to lift that inner veil, smell the coffee, grasp inwardly and ask those gifted who know and can give guidance, they too have a life purpose and worked hard to achieve what was necessary, they saw the blessings even in their raw element as air, water and fire and drew upon these basic life sustaining elements and expanded upon their blessings offering trust that everything was being pieced together for us at just the right moment of our lives.

Relaxing BathAs we see the news on our televisions there is hardly a day goes by without something happening in the world involving real people, these people can witness dangers in war torn countries, they can hear the cry of a new born baby, volcano’s can erupt and towers collapse and we ask ourselves why are these things happening out there?

They are happening because people are living the lives as was intended whether it is seen as happy or sad?  We are all working off something in our lives and although sometimes it may seem that others have all the luck this is just not so, because everything really is a blessing even if in deep disguise as such.

What we need to do is make sure we live our lives to the fullest given the blessings around us in our daily lives, those blessings can be as simple as having a lovely warm bath to going on a much needed holiday in the sun, be grateful for the smallest things as just like acorns they can lead to big things.

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