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Samhain USA

Halloween ‘‘Hallows Eve’’ Samhain All Saints Day

Unlike the UK, the USA tend to make a week of celebration for Halloween.

Halloween is that auspicious time of year when there is a lot of Mystery and Intrigue mixed in with the Fun and Frolics! It is actually originally a Pagan Festival which later became incorporated with Christianity - (as many other Festivals and Customs have including Christmas Xmas and Easter etc).

Traditionally and originally a Celtic Festival - mostly stemming from Ireland, (Republic Of Eire), it was known as ''Samhain'' - (pronounced ''Sow-ain'').  It was also known as ''All-Hallows Eve '' or 'All-Saints Eve'' as a prerequisite to ''All Saints Day.'' It was the Eve of New Year in the Ancient Celtic Calendar. It was thought of as the End of the Year as the Wheel of Seasons.  Therefore New Years Eve was, indeed the 31st October which co-insides with ''Halloween'' in the Ancient Celtic Calendar and New Years Day was November 1st. (Some Pagans and Wiccan's  and Celtic Christians alike,  still see The Wheel Of The Year as  being Relevant to this, especially those who follow Moon Cycles as-well as Solar and Seasons etc).

 Along with Spiritual Beliefs it also had links  roots with Agriculture  Farming and Land Management as the Crops depended - (and still do to this very day) -  so much on the Weather and Seasons etc. But ultimately it was seen as a Spiritual Time as The End of One Year and Start of Another.

It was believed - (and still recognised today) - as a time when the Veil between Worlds Different Dimensions of Mortal and Immortal is at its Thinnest and Spirits of Loved Ones and Others can ''Cross Over'' easier to our Dimension.

Thus both ‘‘Good Benign '' and ‘‘Bad Malevolent’’ Spirit Energies would be more Prevalent and Powerful than usual at this time. Therefore Rituals and Prayers were performed  (and even in some cases Presents left out  - such as Fruits  Vegetables - Sweets - Emblems  - Jewellery and other such Offerings) - for  the ''Wandering Sprits'' of The Deceased Loved Ones.

Thus the idea of Dressing Up in Halloween Scary Costumes to ward off such entities and lighting Pumpkins with Candles inside and carving scary faces on them as a Symbol Of Light was as a Deterrent etc. (Thus the more Commercial Fantastical Creepy side of Halloween as in Films Songs and Costumes etc which was largely Americanised and spread throughout the World in many Countries.

Remember, there is a lot of Celtic Ancestry particularly Irish in America from Settlers there, so the 2 are linked! ''Trick or Treating'' also stems from all this too with the idea of ''Appeasing the Spirits.’’)  But in general it was thought of as a more Spiritual Peaceful Time whereby Prayers and Blessings to The Souls of the Dead Deceased   those ''Crossed Over To Spirit'' and Loved Ones were made.

Some Christians still do Celtic Blessings and Prayers even Feasts at this time as do many Pagans, particularly Wiccan's, whereby Blessings and Spells might be performed to tap into and draw down this Spiritual Ethereal Enigmatic Magical Energy.  Candles being lit are a very popular custom at this time and burning Sage to purify the Psychic Astral Waves. Whatever you do, we wish you a Spiritual, Blessed Time and a Peaceful Radiance. Happy New Celtic Year. Blessed Be. Renoir and My Spirit Guides.



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