Guest Speaker

Relationships And Communication

In any relationship we must remember there are two people involved. How we handle situations may differ. It is very sad to hear someone say, “I haven't heard from so and so for a week, do you think they still care?” The telephone has been around for a couple of hundred years hence if so and so wants to be in touch, they will. No excuse!

Changes of heart and no communication are two reasons why a relationship fails.  The other person who does not communicate most likely does want to break up, or has decided they already have; to think otherwise is just plain folly. We have a choice over everything we do, and that includes picking the wrong partner for ourselves when there is initial chemistry there.

Make no mistake; you will be hurt if you choose to ignore the signs.  If he/she never calls when they say they will, works late, hide’s phone or are always too busy, these are signs that there is trouble in paradise. Be smart with you own life and feelings. Learn how to dump that partner that is not worthy of your love and kindness. The universe is telling you what you do not want, and there is someone special just waiting for you out in this wide world. We sometimes think we want to always have a partner/any partner to feel we belong; this can be your downfall.

The up side of being free is finding someone really kind and compatible that is honourable. The freedom to do what you want, buy what you want and go where you like is great, and once you start to feel in control of yourself, you may find it is fun being in the “drivers seat”.  Next time someone all of a sudden starts to act out of character, be the one who takes action first. This is an ego buster for some of the people out there that haven't had a taste of their own medicine!  By the way, anyone that is described above is not worth your effort.   Enjoy 2018 and call me with any relationship queries you think I might be able to help with.  Laura

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