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Relationship Revival

Relationship Revival - The First Time

No matter how long your relationship has been going, there are always opportunities for a first time.

Throughout the many years that I've been exercising my psychic abilities to help and guide people, many people have experienced a dreadful lethargy creeping over their relationship during the festive season.

This is most noticeable during the empty-nest period before the kids get married and bring home their little ones to revive their own childhood memories. The festive season (or any extended leave period when keeping the kids entertained used to be the main focus of a couple's life) highlights “the boredom”.

Although this “boredom” is more poignant over the holidays it can set in at any time, putting strain on the relationship and it's not too choosy about the situation it nestles in on. The festive season is a prime example but everyone is different, every relationship is unique and each one of us can have moments of lethargy with our partners.

Whilst you might be raring to go, your partner may prefer a more laid-back approach (or vice versa) like being a couch potato for a while, with the thumb being the only part of them getting any exercise. There are thousands of things to do with friends to keep you occupied, like going to a game or spending hours shopping. These distractions are necessary and acceptable in moderation, but what about the other ten to twenty days of your leave with no kids and no responsibility, spending your days looking into that contrary face that drains your energy?

You may have a strong, supportive relationship that's stood the test of time but how sure are you that your partner feels the same way. Have you asked if they are interested?

The truth is that even the proverbial couch potato can be motivated to do something they enjoy away from that couch and a little retrospection could be just the pin to prick that bubble of inertia.

Although there's always talk about “leaving the past behind,”' libraries and history books are evidence of the value of learning from the past. So here are a few exercises you can try, whenever, wherever and at whatever price suits your pocket, to re-boot a stagnant relationship, regardless of its age (or yours for that matter).

Preliminary: Obviously you need to set the stage for each activity. No TV or tech devices allowed during your time together. We're not going to get too personal here, but romantic music, champagne, candlelight and a bubble bath could probably help as an opener in many instances. Let's move on to some scenarios that can help spark that “first time” feeling in a relationship:

- 1. Close your eyes and go back to the first moment you knew you were in love. Talk to each other.  Recreate an event in your favourite romance, fantasy or superhero scene. No need to follow the same story.

- 2. Buy tickets (according to your budget). It must be to somewhere or something at least one of you has never experienced before. Next time it's the other person's turn to choose.

- 3. Prepare a meal together - not one on the patio doing the BBQ and the other in the kitchen, together! Then feed each other, savour the food, the textures and flavours, describe them to each other and enjoy the moment.

- 4. Plan an event, like a stately ball or an episode of your favourite show e.g. dinner with the Adams Family etc. Send your partner an invitation with all the formalities. Go through all the preparations and on the day/evening - enjoy.

- 5. Get into nature! If you're not outdoorsy, go to the zoo or go on safari, try an extreme sport or just book a chalet to get away from everyday life.

- 6. Get into the city. Go to dinner, a show, a nightclub, whatever you love to do in the city.

- 7. Talk about the past - If you've never done it before, take each other on a trip through your childhood, physically or by going through old photo albums. Tell the story of you - the other person must listen and be interactive - no detailed chronicles or tales of woe, remember the good stuff and if there isn't any skip the trip.

- 8. Give yourselves a bit of pampering time. Treat one another to a spa treatment and then just cuddle.

- 9. 100 Things - Make a list of 100 things you love about each other or things you've done or would like to do together.

- 10. Laugh - just choose a theme and find the funny side of it.

These are very basic ideas and I hope you find a few that will help you reignite the flame between you and your partner.

Remember, whatever the state of your relationship, now is always a good time to do something for the first time. Enjoy!

Not in a relationship? Call me and let's see if the cards can give you direction on how or where to find love over this festive season.

If you’re concerned about the state of your relationship call me for a Tarot reading or, better still, send me the dates of birth for yourself and your partner to get a comprehensive compatibility report via email on your relationship prospects.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to speaking to you soon.

Skylin – PIN 600315

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