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Qualities and Elements

There are three "qualities" and four "elements" linked with the zodiac which can tell us quite a bit about each sign.
Also as the signs sit in a "wheel" each sign has it's opposite.  They say that opposites attract and it may well be that you find you are drawn to your opposite sign.  This will help you both grow and you will probably have an understanding of one and other, although it can also prove to be a challenging relationship if the understanding is not there.  That said, as with all astrology, it is not just the sun sign that makes a person, but the whole chart.  So looking at two people's charts and seeing which planets fall in which sign for each can make for a fascinating reading. For example the Sun signs will be how they live, the Mars signs will be what fuels/drives them, the Venus signs will be what they love (not just romance but work too), the Moon signs will show how they are emotionally.  The rising signs will probably show their intial spark or contact. And of course Mercury the all important planet of communication which is so important in relationships - the sign that Mercury falls in will show the person's style of communication.
The qualities are:
Cardinal - these are usually the go getters, the initiators, the starters, the leaders of the pack.  These are people who tend to like getting their own way - and usually do!
These signs are:
ARIES - The motivator, the personal trainer, the innovator
CANCER - the mother/father of the group looking after his "family"
LIBRA - the peacemaker/mediator of the group
CAPRICORN - the CEO, the boss, the manager
Fixed - these are the stable and solid reliable ones.  If they say they will do something, you can count on them. They will rarely let you down and if they do it will be for good reason.  They may be slow to commit because they are in it for the long haul and become deeply upset if you let them down, something they would never dream of doing.
These signs are:
TAURUS - the "rock"
LEO - the presenter
SCORPIO - the detective
AQUARIUS - the humanitarian
Mutable - these are the go with flow, live in the moment, the only constant is change types. They tend to be the most adaptable and need change to thrive.
These signs are:
GEMINI - like at least two of everything
VIRGO - love being of service, adapting to others schedules
SAGITTARIUS - the traveller and teacher/philospher
PISCES - the dreamer, poet, musician, mystic
The elements are:
Fire - these are fuelled by passion, tempers flare quickly but subside just as quickly
These signs are:
Air - these are fuelled by intellect and thoughts, the battles tend to be verbal and can be cutting, sometimes right vs. wrong gets blurred.
These signs are:
Earth - these are fuelled by the senses and earthly pleasures, food and drink, good company, massages, beauty/art, aromatherapy, music, colour - basically anything that looks, smells, tastes, sounds and feels good!
These signs are:
Water- these are fuelled by the emotions, relationships and dreams, sensitivity overload is an issue and frequent time out is needed to regroup/balance "reality" vs. imagination.  They need a "sanctuary", whether it's a room, office, caravan, boat, somewhere where they can get away from it all.
These signs are:
The "pairs"  or opposite signs are:
ARIES  - LIBRA (cardinal) (fire/air)
TAURUS - SCORPIO (fixed) (earth/water)
GEMINI - SAGITTARIUS (mutable) (air/fire)
CANCER - CAPRICORN (cardinal) (water/earth)
LEO - AQUARIUS (fixed) (fire/air)
VIRGO - PISCES (mutable) (earth/water)
So from this we can see how two people of a different element or quality may view or approach a relationship differently.
It can give us a bit more insight, understanding and acceptance of that person.  
As with all relationships however, compatability is only a small part.  Sometimes being "too" compatible can actually make for a short lived relationship because there is nothing to "fuel" the relationship.  The couple can become too comfortable and complacent, neither one making the move or intiating the next stage in the relationship.  On the flip side, sometimes the strongest relationships are the ones where there are many hurdles that have been overcome and you would never think of putting those two people together but for some reason because they worked at it the relationship lasted.  At the end of the day it's all about how much effort we put into any relationship (including the one with ourselves and our jobs) - we get back what we put in - it's deciding who and what is worth our time and commitment and for how long, whether we devote ourselves to something/someone or fade this in and out of our lives and go with the flow.  It depends on whether we are ruled by our heart or our head, or a little of both.
What sign(s) are you?  Are you cardinal, fixed, mutable?  Are you fire, air, earth, water? Knowing this may help you work to the fullest potential in your life and also with others.
I hope this article has proved to be helpful  I am in no way a veteran astrologer, I have a loonnnng way to go and admire the professional astrologers out there who have been doing this for decades.  It's a fascinating subject and I hope to learn more.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and blissful New Year!
C xx

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