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QUIZ: Your Perfect Bed Partner

QUIZ: Your Perfect Bed Partner
What Do His Bedtime Habits Reveal About Him?

By Zen

Ever wonder if reading your Prince Charming's night moves can help you wake up to his real personality in and out of the bedroom? 
Is he a night owl or a lark?  Does he sleep like a baby or toss and turn?  Does he spoon you or plop onto his futon? I teamed up with Dr. Jacqueline A. Rankin, a communicator and author of Body Language in Love and Romance: Finding the Love of Your Life, to analyze the traits behind male slumber land. Take this quiz to discover exactly how his bedtime quirks may affect his romance with you!

1. His idea of a perfect bed is...
a) king size.
b) antique king size or futon.
c) old or new waterbed.
d) the floor because he rolls off.

2. His favourite type of bedtime attire is...
a) in the buff.
b) daytime T-shirt and boxer shorts.
c) shorts with red hearts on them.
d) street clothes with a fragrance of another woman.

3. His idea of the perfect time to hit the hay is:
a) to sleep when you sleep.
b) whenever he chooses (and he insists that you join him).
c) any time and he lures you to bed with playfulness.
d) odd hours or whenever he can fall asleep.

4. When he sleeps with you, you can look forward to...
a) spooning and cuddles.
b) him hogging the covers.
c) his hand on your breasts and/or buttocks.
d) snoozing solo.

5. His idea of getting some shuteye is...
a) sleeping like a log.
b) irregular hours; and he'll wake you up accidentally on purpose.
c) spontaneously nudging you to make love.
d) calling out another woman's name in his sleep.

6. His favorite bedtime talk includes...
a) listening to you chat about stuff.
b) monologues about HIS work, HIS dreams.
c) off-color jokes.
d) job, money, and family woes.

7. Bedtime rules include....
a) yours or his dog and/or cat on the bed.
b) his companion animals–not yours.
c) letting the pet(s) stay in the bedroom if you two make whoopee.
d) following the rule No Pets Allowed!

8.  When he brings food to bed you can expect...
a) a midnight snack or breakfast in bed for two.
b) he eats what you adore and doesn't share.
c) edibles paired with sexy games.
d) a trail of cracker crumbs, chips, and candy wrappers.

9. What kind of bedding does he prefer?
a) He loves luxury comforters.
b) He uses a heated blanket and controls the thermostat.
c) He likes furry throws and covers with animal imprints.
d) He needs dark-colored sheets and wool blankets to feel safe.

10. After passionate session of lovemaking, he...
a) brings you a nightcap or chocolate.
b) grabs a bite and then bails.
c) orders a half and half combo pizza.
d) rolls over and goes to sleep.

11. You hear him snoring. He...
a) does it infrequently and it's light and soothing.
b) denies it if you nudge him.
c) lets you put an anti-snore strip on his nose.
d) snores loudly one night on, one night off.

12. His idea of bedtime sounds include...
a) soft, romantic music.
b) noisy T.V. shows or total quiet when he dozes.
c) wakes you up to enjoy carnal sounds of the neighbors. 
d) having the radio on all night long (at a low level).

Awakenings to His Bedside Manner...

Once you understand his bedtime habits, you can figure out if you're headed for sweet dreams or not. "Did you know that 65%-95% of all effective communication is nonverbal? You better believe that what he reveals in bed does tell what is in his heart and in his head," points out Rankin.

These hints can help you decide if he and you are compatible bedmates and lovers.


Go ahead–tally up your answers. Your guy will fall into one of these groups: A, B, C, and D. Once you know his style in bed, check out our rousing findings!

A's: Cozy Bedmate: This type of guy is a dream come true. "He smiles a great deal. His eyes are gentle and calm," says Rankin. His body posture is casual and comfortable. The Cozy Bedmate is an all-around good sleeping partner. If you're indoors napping or outdoors camping he'll be your cuddly bear.
The number one romantic perk is trust. That means you can enjoy a variety of sexual positions and share your wildest fantasies. "He's nonjudgmental. He's your buddy," points out Rankin. That means it's sweet dreams 100% with Cozy Bedmate.
* Sleepy-time Tips: Fluffy pillows, plush bedding, a furry friend, romantic comedies, a cup of hot cocoa or glass of chilled wine will keep this guy contented in his comfort zone.

B's: Selfish Bedmate: Unlike the Cozy Bedmate this man will make you take refuge to the sofabed. Ugh!  "It's so seldom that he smiles," says Rankin. "His posture is erect and belligerent. His eyes move erratically: left, right and up, down." You can rest assured that you will lose z-z-z's sleeping with this bedmate.
Not only can you count on less sleep, you'll have less romance, too. Keep in mind, this selfish guy is looking out for number one–and that excludes you in the bedroom. Read: Count on counting sheep or dream orgasms to get you through the night.
* Sleepy-Time Tips: Separate beds, earplugs (for you), books and newspapers, a radio and TV, his favorite snacks, and an alarm clock will keep you two amused in bed day or night.

C's: Fun-Loving Bedmate: This guy is your dream lover come true. "He's a joker. His mouth is always smiling. His eyes have a great deal of joy. He looks at you with affection," points out Rankin. So you're going to feel desirable. And, she adds, if you've done something for your fun-loving bed partner he will be eager to thank you in the bedroom.
If you're looking for good times–Fun-loving Bedmate is your man. "He's a giver.  The selfish one is a taker," explains Rankin who adds that life is always good in bed with this fun-lover. Think: mutual orgasm, intimate laughter. "It's a great deal of sharing," she says.
* Sleepy-Time Tips: A telephone, stereo, a variety of DVD's, refrigerator full of fun foods will keep you and him smiling in bed or a hammock for an endless summer.

D's Nightmare Bedmate: "He doesn't look happy. He repels people by his own inner darkness.  He's not a fun-loving guy. He's almost like Mr. Selfish," explains Rankin. And, she notes, he often indulges himself–so don't count on a bed of roses.
You will not find your way to dreamland with The Nightmare Bedmate. "Occasionally it might be good sex but most of the time it probably isn't," says Rankin.  And take note–the Nightmare Bedmate may be prone to sleepwalking and sleepless nights. If you're looking for a nighttime soul mate–dream on.
* Sleepy-Time Tips: Chamomile tea, extra blankets, light blocking sleep mask (for you), aspirin (for him and you), and scented candles will soothe both of you during a catnap or an all-nighter.

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