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Psychic Timing

It seems it is a delicate balance between when you are ready and when things are allowed to come in from the metaphysical to the physical - both places are just as solid and real as each other. This is a reason why psychic readings are important as you can see what you are manifesting into your timeline at that very moment. It's important to note time is an illusion, all dimensions and all events have already happened in that very moment you have a reading. It is then on us which timeline and version of ourselves we want to experience as we move forward in our life. So the positive in that if there is something you do not like you have the choice and ability to change your mind.

Timing is down to the individual, so this means how good are you at shifting energy and manifesting your wants and desires. Do you have blocks or limiting beliefs? One thing to note with relationships and co-creative energy timing is that this can move around and normally will as there are two soul contracts coming together and it isn't always as clear cut. However the future of that relationship will come in when it's the right time and the detail will be shown. It may be the timing that can change but the future will come to pass when both parties are ready and sometimes when the universe allows.

I have learnt from my own readings from other psychics over the years they would all bring the same information to me - the only thing that moved around is timing - but trust me it will always come true when it's supposed to. For example many years ago I was told I would live in a particular house, in a particular area, and I was even given the name of the street. It came in but it took 3 years to come into my life and timeline. What is more important to note the information was correct but at that time my own personal manifesting was off and I had delayed and slowed down the energy.

What I have learnt is that once you release the thought, energy or psychic reading then the action will just come from out of no where. So with a psychic reading you have to truly forget and just keep busy in your life and follow your own heart and personal goals then it will all just come in. The information will always come through but the timing is on us. I can read for some clients and I can give timing but it is always on the client. Some clients I can say this will happen in 4 days and it will as they are super connected and in their flow of high vibrational energy. Yet some I know timing isn't good for them and they can't stop thinking about time and it can slow down or block them. Sometimes in your subconscious you may have some limited beliefs or could be still strongly attached to an ex partner or loved one. I always like to delve deep and clear out the subconscious blocks in a reading.

Most importantly to manifest your reading or desires you have to be in a high vibration to be a vibrational match and allow these things to flow into your life. Some people are naturally very good at this and some people need a helping hand or guidance. I will review a client and let them know the best way to help shift their life, whether metaphysically or physically - everyone requires a bespoke helping hand. Another example is I have clients who have gone to another reader or even a few and they have all given exactly the same messages I have given and even timing. I always love validation and when we can all see and let you know we all see the same, it's only just a matter of time. We will always give you in the moment current updates and timing so then it's what you do with it or how you intend to use that information and take it. If you realise you aren't good with timing (I didn't used to be) it's ok to not ask or want timing. The words, visions and messages are much more valuable.

So always think about what is my vibration, am I in love or fear? Only when you are in love energy can you really bring in a vibrational match. So love attracts love. Especially in relationships it is always true when people say it came out of no where and I wasn't looking or wanting love. That is the path of least resistance and you are in those times happy and in love with yourself and your life.
So a psychic reading can always help with what's coming it's when you want to and grab it with both hands and align vibrationally that it will match with you in the physical.

So if you ever feel a bit stuck I can look at what is the cause and help you with bespoke shifting techniques.

Jason Xx

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