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Psychic Dreams

Psychic Dreams

We all dream, every one of us. Some of us remember them clearly, but I have also heard others say that they don’t dream, they never remember dreaming.  But we do all dream.

Some dreams we remember for a fleeting moment and then have trouble recalling them.  Others we can remember fully, down to the tiniest of details.  Sometimes we have a dream that plays over and over again.

Dreaming is important; it is the body’s way of filing away the day that we have had; see it as a kind of defrag of the brain. Can you imagine how much information it retains on a daily basis?

But sometimes, just sometimes we have a dream that stays with us and we instinctively know that it is means more than just a dream.  When I have those, they unsettle me and as Colin Fry once said to me, they are given to prepare you for what is about to happen. 

Some dreams are visions but others are what I call the clairvoyant dreams in which there are hidden meanings and messages for you.  For example, if you dream of a house, that is representative of the structure of life; the rooms in the house again mean something on top of that. Seeing someone naked is not always sexual, but can mean that they are seeing the situation with clarity and not trying to hide anything. Even colours play a part.  Some people dream in black and white, but if you do dream in colour, try to remember them.  Every part of a dream is important, the shape of a table, the state of a building, the list is endless. 

Sometimes we have dreams that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Those are also interesting as there can be hidden messages in them.

I always keep a dream book by my bedside. It’s in this that I write down my dreams and look at them later on. It has proven interesting over the years and confirms to me that dreams are a way of seeing what is coming and what we need to know about. 

We can also see our loved ones in dreams. They will not necessarily speak to us, they may just sit there, but it is still lovely to see our loved ones that have passed over and this kind of dreaming is one to let you know they are okay. It is also possible to see them during the falling asleep process.  If you are lucky enough to be able to control the state of mind between awake and falling asleep, see who is there with you. You could see someone you recognise as you drift to a space where we are all more receptive to messages from our loved ones.

Here’s an exercise you can try to harness the power of your dreams. You may have to repeat this several times, as like anything new, practice makes perfect. Before you go to bed, write down a question, for example when will a new job opportunity present to me?  Focus on that question and read it over and over several times.  Ask the universe to give you the answer whilst you sleep.  Several things can happen.  Sometimes you’ll get absolutely nothing. Try again!  You could get a vivid dream that with interpretation will give you your answer; you could wake up instinctively knowing the answer or you could see symbols which again will have a meaning. 

Our minds are amazing and we should never disregard a strong dream. 

If you’d like to discuss your dreams and what they mean, give me a call.

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