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Many people often are not aware of the differences between psychic and mediumship energies.      So I will explain the differences here.

Psychic energies can be picked up in a variety of ways, via talking to the person, seeing the person, from their aura, from something they have held, their voice, handwriting etc. it can be in a variety of ways by the person reading them.  They are reading the person’s energy and the information they are ascertaining from their energy or the item they are getting the information from.  

If they are gathering the information from their aura, this can hold so much information about the person, rather like a blueprint, however this is just not to the aura of course, and can pick up past and present information and events that have happened in their lives.  It also has been stated it can pick up events relating to their future.
The psychic gives the reading relaying information either generally or specific information depending on the reading, it also helps if the person is open but does not have to relay information, just confirming whether the information is correct, as a Yes, No, or not sure.

The reader may receive this information in a variety of ways and may of course, although working intuitively, may work with guides whom assist.

Readers may receive information psychically in a variety of ways psychically, seeing, hearing, knowing, sensing, feeling, but this information is on a psychic link. However, readers may also work with their guides too depending if the person works with the spirit world.  So much information can be gained psychically.

When giving a Mediumship sitting it is different in that a link is formed with the Spirit World, those whom have physically died.
The Medium is a channel for communication so that the Spirit world can communicate via the Medium and vice versa, and the Medium can then communicate the information to the person whom is receiving the mediumship sitting.
This is known as Mental Mediumship; the purpose to prove survival after the physical death.  This is not about prophesy, or prediction, or telling you what to do in your life, they have lived their early existence.  This is about proving their survival after the physical death, proving that they live on in a different form.  It is about Validation of Evidence.  They give specific details about things. This is a communication from spirit, through sprit (the person whom is doing the sitting) to the person whom is receiving the sitting (person receiving information). Again all that is required is a Yes, No or Doesn’t know response.  
Information can come to the Medium in a variety of ways depending on how they work such as: - hearing, seeing, knowing, sensing, feeling, smelling, tasting etc.  This may be in the form of objective (external) or subjective (internal).  These are known as the clairs, such as clairvoyance (clear seeing); clairaudience (clear hearing); clairsentience (clear sensing); claircognizance (clear knowing);  Clairgustance (clear tasting).
This is not relating to Spirit Guides which I will talk about at another time.

Psychic readings

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