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Powerful Thoughts

More and more people are now becoming increasingly aware of the power of their thoughts. The thoughts we think create our reality and the more we dwell on worries, anxieties and lack then the more of these we inadvertently create for ourselves. Positive thoughts on the other hand result in positive experiences coming to us. The power of affirmations for example, is now more widely recognised and acknowledged.  Affirming something positive to ourselves enables us to eventually believe it. And of course if we believe it to be true then it will be so, for that is the Universal law.

Every day of our lives we talk to ourselves in our minds. And all too often we put ourselves down with self-talk telling ourselves we are 'stupid' or 'hopeless' or that we 'can't' do something and so on. To the point that we eventually believe these things to be true whether or not we are consciously aware of that - more often than not we are completely unaware.

One of the most self defeating words in the english language is 'should'. We came into this life to enjoy the experience, to live and to learn.  And to do that and to ultimately be happy requires us to listen to what our heart is telling us. Too often we feel a desire to do one thing then our ego pops up and tells us that we 'should' do something completely different. Or someone asks us to do something which in our heart we don't want to do but the wee voice in our head (ego) says that we 'should'.  Then we feel obliged because we feel we 'should' do that favour for someone else even though in our heart of hearts we do not really want to.  This results in us feeling 'out of sorts', disaligned, or disconnected, so to speak. It takes us away from our true purpose and the more we comply with the shoulds and should nots in life then the more disconnected and miserable we become for we are veering further and further from our own true purpose as the individuals we truly are.

The other downside to the 'shoulds' and 'shouldn'ts' is that the resulting disconnection from our true path ultimately leads to tension and dis-ease thus adversely affecting our health on all levels - physically, mentally and emotionally.  Many people who suffer with depression are people who with well meaning intentions of kindness to others inadvertently sacrifice their own well being by all too often doing what they 'should' rather than what makes them feel happy. They spend more of their time making other people happy and looking after the needs of others to the point that they lose touch completely with their own needs. many also feel the need to fully conform with unspoken 'rules' within their society and comunities doing things because they feel they 'should' simply because everyone else does and it appears to be the norm.

So try to avoid the word 'should'. Start by being aware of the thoughts you are thinking and of the words that you speak. And if you catch yourself thinking of doing something and the word 'should' pops up then ask yourself - do I really want to do this or am I thinking of doing it because I feel I 'should'. If the latter is true then don't do it. Say no. Then do whatever you feel is right for you in that moment and note how much happier you feel!

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