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Pet Communication: What Animals Teach Us

Extraordinary, Exhilarating, Evolving, are just a few pertinent words relating to the connection between human and animal world.

To the spiritually evolved this will come as no surprise as we are all sentient beings with the ability to exchange energies that enhance any connection raising vibrational awareness of emotions from sadness to elation.

As a Pet Communicator, I am often asked how this is possible as animals cannot speak. My answer is simple. Animals may not have the ability to speak, therefore we must learn to "listen" in a different way.

Whether we choose to connect with our beloved animal family or those who roam free in the wild, the concept of communication is no different to communicating with each another or with those passed over to the spirit world.

We connect through energetic value and this practice must always be conducted with dignity and respect. Believe me, you will be glad you did as it can enhance our understanding of the world, we now find ourselves in, and therefore the role we play in it.

There are many ways to connect with animal family, from quiet meditation to invoking Archangels. Animal energy is so pure that they make the process easy to do if we just take time out to understand what modality works best and even the time of day that we practice the communications will have an effect. Communications should never be rushed, so squeezing five minutes in before work in the morning will yield no return.

Diary a time when you know you will feel calmer in a quiet part of your home or garden. It is also great to do just after a long walk where the energy of the day has been expelled by both of you.

During communication you may feel a familiarity, a deeper connection as if you have experienced this all before. This will be your "soul contract" coming to fruition. How wonderful!


Soul Connections

We often hear the phrase "Soul Connection" and automatically think of our loved ones or romantic partners, however during the process of reincarnation we enter a "soul contract" with animals that can fundamentally influence our relationships with them and others. Consider the impact of inviting animal family into your world.

You must be considerate of their needs, their socialisation, healthcare, nutrition, and all the financial implications they bring. You may feel you are their eternal caregiver, the responsible one, but no, it is a humanistic illusion brought about by the human ego to believe we are the dominant beings and animals are to be compliant to our needs.

Of all sentient beings, humankind prides itself on being the most evolved, the theory of "survival of the fittest."  In Centuries past, packs of wolves would hunt with man who believed this would produce a greater bounty of food whilst wolves sought protection from hunters.

Fast forward to modern-day times and humankind is still hunting for food through paid employment whilst a direct descendant of wolves the domesticated dog sits at home on a faux fur throw and has bespoke meals made by dog nutritionists, delivered straight to their door.

When not lounging, said dogs can be found preparing for doggy day-care, enjoying adventurous holidays at Bespoke Dog Boutiques, or joining the family in worldly travels, the details of which are viewed in their dog vlogs by their adoring public.

Animals have permitted us humans to believe we have evolved more successfully, but I for one give all due respect to these exceptionally intelligent beings who feed us what they think we need to ensure their wonderful lives continue to prosper.

Who is training who?

Stop for a moment and contemplate the following scenarios.

  • Have you got stuck in a rut and not gotten out as much as you should or avoiding that new keep fit regime? Your new rescue pet will be your reason for getting you out there. So, who has rescued who?
  • You may feel overwhelmed by being the care giver all the time and tire of not getting much back in return. What are you being taught here? Make time for your self-care and ensure you structure "TLC" into your weekly plan. Only you can make those changes. Have you got the memo yet?
  • Fed up with vet bills and feeding costs? Here is your lesson should you choose to take it. When did you last scrutinise your financial status and actively structure a plan to enhance it? Do you need that extra pair of jeans, you know the ones you already have six pairs of?

So, what is the ultimate lesson and trade-off then? With these new obligations also comes joy. The joy that your new puppy is there at the end of a difficult day to greet you. Gratitude that they listen to your tales of woe and annoyance at others. Happiness that they love you unconditionally regardless of your mood and fill your heart with delightful bliss as you watch them grow with their quirky little ways and habits.

Now all of that would cost a fortune in therapy, right? Those vet bills do not seem so bad now, and you have gained so much from their very presence.

 It always makes me smile when asked for guidance on training a new furry member of the family and I always start with the same introduction to the animal parent. "Let's talk"! The training is always about them not their new fur-ball of fun.

Our beloved animals talk to us every day, they teach us to be more reflective. Whether this is to be kinder to ourselves others, the planet, and all sentient beings in it. They reflect our moods. If you are sad, they are quiet, if you are happy, they will join you with waggy tails, contented purrs, and loving snuggles. They are the mirror of our souls.

Therefore, surely the question is not how we can listen to our beloved pets that cannot speak, but rather, what can we learn from their silence!

Till the next time,

Much Love

Ambriel xx - Pin 700016                            


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