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Our Superpower of Freewill

The dictionary definition is:

  • The ability to make a choice or decision. A voluntary decision and/or choice.
  • The freedom of a human to make choices that are not determined by prior causes or divine intervention.
Free will is powerful. I call it our ‘superpower’.

Freewill, will define outcomes. No matter what a reader says if you decide otherwise it will and can change predictions, outcomes and affect timings.

For example: if a reader tells you that you are going to get the job that you are about to interview for, and you are then full of confidence going into the interview, having not done your homework, or say something inappropriate… you, of course, won’t get that job.

Please remember this is an extreme example and it is very doubtful that you would do any of these things, but it highlights that your freewill has been exercised and you can change the outcome.

So, apply free will to relationship issues. We choose to be negative; we choose to be angry, we choose to give the silent treatment, we choose to shout, we choose to be abusive. We exercise freewill in doing all of those things, and none of those choices are going to help in a relationship when there are issues to be discussed.

Many who have had a reading with me will know that I often say that when we argue with our partners, or anyone for that matter, it does not necessarily mean that either party is wrong. Both parties can be right but they have a difference of opinion. However, in those moments, if you bring in negativity you have therefore exercised your freewill and the issues can get out of hand.

Freewill can also be good, because in moments of negativity you can decide to be positive and turn the situation around.

If you use freewill for the power of good, then good things will follow.  No one can make you do anything… you have your own choices to make. 

Freewill is one of the most, if not the most, powerful tools that you have in your toolbox. I would advise each and every one of you to exercise it with caution, with thought but most of all with positivity.

A lot of you will hear me say ‘if in doubt do nowt’… as you do not have all the information to hand to make that decision or choice. We always feel we have to make instant decisions, but we do not. Leaving a situation by exercising your freewill and not bowing to pressure to make a decision is a good thing, not a bad thing. It will stop you making the wrong decision for your long-term future.

So, next time you are in an argument, or in an intense meeting, or in a situation where it would be very easy to exercise freewill in a negative way, please take that step back and consider the consequences to your actions. Likewise, if you see a homeless person in the street, exercise your freewill by giving to them instead of walking on by… that can and will make all the difference to them. 

Use your superpower of freewill with caution but use it wisely and use it well.

Shelly x

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