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Manifesting: What Is Manifestation?


What is manifestation? 

It is the way to bring something tangible into your life with attraction and belief. It could be a house, a new job, more money, holidays or love. Anything you wish for. What you want can come to you through attraction and belief. As some put it, “thoughts become things”.  

This is a way to manifest what we wish for from the universe and there are a variety of methods, such as positive thinking, vision boards, affirmations and writing wish lists. How you manifest something is up to you. We are all different and we can all do things differently.

One thing I would like to dispel about the practise of manifestation is that you have to meditate to do it. Some of you may wish to do it that way, but it really is not necessary and personally I do not believe it is the most effective way to do so. In fact I never meditate.

With manifestation you must be clear about what your goals are and what exactly it is that you want. Be concise. The universe loves details. When you have worked out what your goals are, begin to manifest them.

Perhaps make a vision board? Put your goals, along with pictures and words in a box. Or make a wish list, maybe even written as a letter to the universe. If you prefer to do it verbally then speak your intentions out loud to the universe. Feel what it is like in your mind and self to be the person who has the things you desire already. Assume what it is like to be that person.

Your mindset must be always positive for manifestation. For me, the 2 key parts of manifestation are Gratitude and Trust. Your gratitude is so important in this process. The more grateful you are, the more abundance you will have. For the trust part, do an affirmation each morning and night. Say to yourself out loud “I choose trust.” Trust in the process and trust in your self-worth, that you deserve what you have asked for.

Do not forget that you must keep working towards your goals. Keep them in sight. Focus on what you do have rather than what you do not have, as that will keep your gratitude on a high positive vibration. You can do this. I personally use affirmations and mantras. I make my goals real, attainable and keep them concise. I also trust and remain positive.

I have recently set up 2 other businesses since lockdown and I trusted the process for me to get those off the ground. I am also passionate about those other businesses and passion is important too. The universe does not respond to complacency or negativity.

You can do this. You have the power to tap into the abundance of the universe. Stay positive. Trust. Be grateful.

Oh and one more thing, surround yourself with positive people. Nobody has to put up with negativity. That includes you. 

Choose Trust

Choose Gratitude

Choose positive thoughts

You've got this.

Big love

Carrie - 500885

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