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Lucid Dreams

Sleep, such a deep mysterious realm, no scientist has been able to say what its purpose is, though we know people deprived of sleep can go quite loopy! Ok, some of us are loopy anyway, but we all have our own reasons! 

And dreaming, we all do it, whether in colour, black and white or that special ‘state’ called ‘Lucid Dreaming’,
In Lucid Dreaming, everything is VERY real and is happening as a totally safe  ‘out of body’ experience –  you are so aware in the dream that you can choose to wake  at any point. Sometimes you can access it in that half state, you know the sense you get just before you fall asleep.

In a Lucid Dream, you can converse with loved ones, past or present – talk and interact with them – even have experiences together.  

So I’m guessing you’re ahead of me here – yes, if you are having issues with someone that a certain subject ends up with one or both of you needing to apologise!  You might want to try to set the intention before drift off, to reach them in a lucid dream state. The part of you leaving your body, is a high part of you – soul level , and you’ll be conversing with the other at their soul level too.

Here,, arguing the point is irrelevant, because you actually both want to resolve things, You’ll be amazed when you next see a person that you’ve ‘met’ in a lucid dream just how the dynamic has changed! Of course, a lot of our dreams are like ‘mental bowel movements’ - where things are random and make no sense. These clear the mental rubbish left over from the day–necessary to get a good quality sleep.  

Then there are the dreams that we can sense have a message for us

When we sleep, we are taken out of our normal activities – it is a time of healing. Often we have lasting images from a dream. Sometimes because we have been communing with our higher self or our guides, or even us from another life. We are often left with strong symbols or images that have a message for us. The most important thing I find is to capture the quality of feeling it gave. 

So, how to get the benefit of these messages? Well a dream diary is a good start, but you may want to talk to a TAROT reader about the dream, as you speak, that energy will be flowing into the cards and you have a specialist who can help you through a reading and really get to the bottom of what the message is, and why it came to you at this time.

Some symbology is universal, often dreaming of a death can indicate a new life is coming or a new chapter. Symbology is not the same as SUPERSTITION, if we don’t know a superstition exists we don’t worry about what we don’t know. 

Recently I broke two full length mirrors in a week (don’t ask– I had a clumsy time generally!) but I was determined not to fall into the idea of 2x7 year’s of bad luck, so when the second mirror shattered into pieces, I made a NEW RITUAL. I picked up each piece and thanked it for breaking the old image I had of myself so I can recreate myself anew. At the end I felt really good and have been feeling positive ever since! So we can make new meaning to events if we choose and it’s what we hold as a BELIEF that is the deciding factor of the consequences of any action.

Lucid dreaminig

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