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Living In Higher Heart Consciousness

Be conscious of the way you are experiencing your outer reality through your heart Chakra.

You may be wandering what is higher heart consciousness; all questions spring to mind to answer what your perception of what is it.

Such questions like
What is it?
Where does it come?
Does it exist?
Can I experience?
What can it do for me?

Stop trying to get love from someone else coming from a place lack and longing.
“Lack is not a reflection of love….it’s a reflection of lacking love”. – Michael Mirdad
“Happiness is an inside job” – Derek Rydall
“It’s about falling in Love with yourself and sharing that love with someone who appreciates you, rather someone to compensate for a Self- Love deficit”

Let me enlighten you and answer some of these questions. I encourage you to read these quotes, I mean really read then experience the each word with your entire being savour it. Then take a deep dive into depths in emotional pool of your own feelings.
I want you to become more and more consciousness and to start living from that place within you called wholeness.
Firstly it is the highest expression of self, a place where operate from different state of a loving presence from within. You tap into the inner part of you and acknowledge embrace, release and generate more and more these inner qualities outwards.

Tapping into your inner richness, creativity, beauty and goodness, compassion without inhibitions and embody it is true essence. Being at one with all of creation and the all- knowing universal- intelligence.

This human experience is activated when the heart chakra is fully open through “I AM ENOUGH” aligns you to your true power and self- acceptance of your greatness and you are enough. Aligning yourself and opening up to free flow, allowing the consciousness realisation to unfoldment within you. Living with authenticity raising your vibration to a higher levels of awareness, transforming every aspect of being.

Using daily practises of letting go, stop listening to the inner static that does not serve your highest expression of self. Retuning your inner transmissions, to think, feel independently, then you will become truly free.

Re-taking your power back:
Through the activation of forgiveness of self and others, self -appreciation, expression of love. Clearing out your inner - awareness, transcends, releases and set you free energetically from the shackles that have held you back.
The more that you discover by becoming more receptive, embody the transmission universal flow of expression, the higher expression of you. Live in a loving presence every minute of the day by changing your perceptions and your emotions will begin to follow.
There is an inner journey which is transformational one that creates a radical inner shift; the question is you truly ready a progressive breakthrough to continual clear parental, societal fantasies.  When you become set in your ways it is all far to become deflective and keep yourself in a continual holding pattern and the blame game.

Then the excuses come out all the reasons why you cannot live a great life of having it all.
Perhaps you have found yourself saying the following which validates your story why things are the way there are.

“What is the point nothing never changes?”
“I have tried and getting nowhere”
“Why do I keep attracting the same situations or people?”
“It is your fault”
“I tried talking and still getting no response”
“I feel stuck in my life or relationship”
“Yes I have being ding healing work, so why hasn’t nothing changed?”

The truth is inner transformation is your responsibility, help and support is out if you ask the right questions and undertake the inner work. Just a few conditions that create the toxicity blocking the flow of the connection to heart. Heart walls become constructed by trapped negative emotions lowering your vibrations.
Hearts are vulnerable to emotional imbalances. Emotions can sometimes become trapped in the energy body, become stuck in the heart chakra.

Since all things are nothing but pure energy by their very nature, a trapped emotion is no different, and consists of pure energy.
We live in a progressive reflective universe which reflects every emotional experience we hold within. The challenges, attitudes, and the beliefs we hold on to, and perhaps the willingness not to step outside of one’s self.  You have all experienced the vibrations of others who have and may be going through such emotional strive. It becomes soaked up in your energy field creating a trigger or a reactive negative response in show shape or form.

The cultivation of the inner landscape , like a farmer spend the time creating , paying attention and cultivating the right conditions with a loving presence, compassion. Give more to world without attachment or expectation.
The secret is in the giving, it generates more and more leading to inner fulfilment, joy. See it for yourself how it moves someone when you give this way, their expression of delight lights up there face with heart felt appreciation and gratitude. It is your choice.

There’s nothing outside of you controlling you and can dissolve that belief, the myth that you cannot be happy unless you have the following in your life, look a certain way etc. Change the imprint your projecting onto yourself or others how they should be to fit the happiness profile. It won’t work it just creates inner shift and dis –empowers and destabilises your inner balance of power.

Make your stand for your own inner being, your heart
Daily Practice
1. How can I grow?
2. What can I give?
3. What can I celebrate?
The answer is you! – Michael Beckwith

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