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Law Of Attraction & The Star Card


The Law of attraction has become more and more popular since the Secret hit the bookstands, but do people really understand it and how to work with? I have been working with the Law of Attraction for a long time now and I have to say I’m still learning. I do actually feel that different things work for different people (as with all things in life) you have to find a technique that resonates with you.

For instance if you like words you may find that writing a cosmic order or using affirmations works best for you, if you are more visual you may want to create a vision board or if it is numbers you like you might work with repeating number sequences or angel numbers. I find that a mixture of all of these works best for me!

The most important thing in working with the law of attraction is to believe it works and to believe you deserve the best, that is why when starting with the law of attraction it’s best to give yourself small things to manifest, a parking space or a free coffee for example. Once this is working for you your experience of success strengthens your belief and allows you to manifest more etc. etc.

 The next (and a little challenging) aspect of the law of attraction is to be able to let go of you attachment to the outcome of your wish. Being able to send it out into the universe and really let it go knowing you have been heard and that your wish is being manifested. Then to be able to go about your business acting as if you already have your wish, feeling good about it and taking appropriate action to put yourself in the right place. For example if it is a job you are wanting to manifest, update your CV , get it out there and keep your eyes and ears open. It’s very subtle as you don’t want to be feeling like you ‘need’ things to happen, need suggests lack and feeling that you are lacking – guess what- just attracts more lack! The more lacking and desperate you feel the less likely you are to be able to manifest the object of your desire.

The law of attraction is a massive subject and I am only really scratching the surface here, there are many aspects of it that would take up a whole blog of their own! One which I feel is integral and must be mentioned is being grateful what you already have around you, if you live with an ‘attitude of gratitude’ the universe will love to give you more to be grateful for.

When working with the tarot the card which I feel it most closely connected to the Law of Attraction is the beautiful Star card .It is the wish card of the tarot and it talks about you being able to make your dreams come true. It is about you being guided on your journey and you being shown you path clearly (just as the sailors from the past used the stars to direct them). Whichever deck you use the Star shines bright in the Major Arcana, for me the imagery is often the most beautiful card in the deck.

A great technique, if you like to work with the tarot, is to take the Star card from the deck and meditate with it once in a while, allow its energy of hope to fill you up , you can also place the card under your pillow at night and see what it brings you in your dreams!



Crystal x

Star tarot card

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