Guest Speaker

Just Be, I Dare You

Let's be totally realistic for a moment. We live in a society where 'doing' is 'rewarded'. If we are 'doing' or are 'doers' then we are respected. If we 'do' then we are 'someone or something'. So let's think for a moment about what that must do to someone who cannot 'work' or 'do' because of physical limits or psychological limits or age. Does this mean they should be disrespected, shunned, judged or degraded?

HERE IS THE REAL AND HONEST TRUTH. I have worked with many people who cannot 'do' much except 'BE'. They are already 'someone'. Someone worthy of praise for just 'being'. Living day to day is already challenging. Imagine how much harder it must be for those who are not able to earn the finances they need to live.
We ... all of us are constantly 'thriving'. Thriving to be someone, do something or find someone to make us happy. I offer up the notion on STOPPING the insanity of all of this. Stop thriving for anything. Stop struggling. Begin a new way of being. How about sitting/laying down or even standing in meditation – DAILY - and just breathing and sensing YOU. Imagine just being for 1/2 an hour every day. Many will argue. 'Oh, I rest or take a nap' or 'Oh, I do that when I sleep' or 'I do that in the shower or bathtub'.... I say all of that is still DOING!!!!! You’re are taking a nap or falling asleep or taking a bath. I am talking about what Jon Kabat Zinn talks about "FALLING AWAKE" in doing NOTHING. I sometimes wish meditation was called “THE PRACTICE OF DOING NOTHING”.

What if someone said to you, if you meditate daily, they would give you a million dollars? I'd bet, we all would be jumping in head first.... to learn more about this stuff called meditation. You see, in our society we VALUE MONEY more than we VALUE HEALTH, CALMNESS or SANITY. We have been taught that life is all about doing, getting, and achieving, and to heck with how you feel OR who you are.
I have come to understand that the practice of MEDITATION is the most valuable WORK you will ever do! It is the most valuable EMPLOYMENT of your LIFE and TIME! I am not saying it is easy. It is simple, but not easy.
Coupled with this notion....I no longer believe in speaking the words....'Oh, just let it go' or 'let go'. NO. We all need to practice LETTING IT BE, whatever IT is! When things aren't going our way, we struggle, we strive, we judge and we even become desperate. We all can benefit from learning to let IT be. Let yourself be.... and stopping trying to change things or events or others. Just LET YOURSELF BE!

If you would like to discuss more about 'BEING'. I invite you to call me and we can look deeper into this notion and any resistance or struggle that may show up in the cards that can be overcome.

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