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June versus July

June spoke about "What you reap what you sow" and that you will have MANY opportunities to REAP negative energy under the guaze of getting away murder. June spoke to MANY people in the BUSINESS field who wanted to get even with their bosses or who wanted to take the easy root to success - only for it to come back to them negatively.

If you managed to resist temptation and found yourself on the POSITIVE side of energy, I have GREAT news: July speaks of promotion and entrepreneurial energies. 

In Business/Finances July speaks of: HAPPY Change in Business Conditions. You start to see the budding of the energy that you are getting back. Looking to those that are in the positive - if you started putting in work on a new business in June, look to get some headway! Thumbs way, way, way up. Just keep going.  The work that you have put in is blooming. For my folks who have put in work for a promotion or recognition, (Particularly those who have CONSTANTLY had someone stealing their work), if you have managed to resist sabotaging the person doing it - you will get some credit due. You will get some limelight. Just don't celebrate the person's demise. The air of June is still blowing fresh and the first week of July still demands that you move with a compassionate heart. Expect to deal with some arguments this month from those who don't want you to succeed or who don't understand your passion but it will be resolved happily. Don't worry. This is a GREAT month for Business. 

In Romance: Romance looks to be a struggle this month. The reason: Communication. Arguments that come out of nowhere will be a theme. However, there is good fortune after great difficulty. If you can manage to stick through the relationship after the arguments - you will be better off for it. A tip on getting through understands that the person who hurts your heart will not MEAN to hurt you or will do it accidentally. If this person is usually gentle and suddenly seems to change, they haven't changed, you communication is just strained.

Family/Platonic Relationships: As family is a relationship, this is following the same vein of thought for romance. Communication will be difficult this month. However, your anxieties and worries have a chance to reverse. There will be an opportunity to birth new energy and ideas within the home/relationship in July that will work in YOUR favour. You just have to be patient; you cannot force change just because you want it. Otherwise, you'll create blockages that need not be there. In the end, though the relationship is temperamental this month is will end in Love and Friendship this month.

The Dominant Colours: Reds, Oranges, Blues

Focus on the Root, Sacral, and Throat Chakra this month. You will find that you will feel more powerful the more attention you give to these chakras this month. 


5 is a VERY important number this month. 5 will be speaking about your sense of adventure and drive, emphasizing your expression and personal freedom. Don't be afraid to really rely on 5 to help get your through this month and showing you the way by being available through synchronicities. 


Creative, forceful, entrepreneurial charismatic, hot-tempered  


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