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Journalling Tricks That Can Help You Have Better Relationships

1.     At times of conflict within a relationship it is often very helpful to focus on your partners attributes.     It can sound somewhat odd to be upset at your partner, and then to sit down and brainstorm all the   amazing things about the relationship and about them. None the less, make a list of all these things anyway. It can take your mind off of all the things that are not working so well. Often when we put the   focus back on the great things about our partner we are reminded to talk about those things and keep that in the forefront of our minds. Often we get caught up in complaining, doubting and worrying. Instead, we   can point out to them all of their amazing qualities which in turn can bring our partner back to a place of  encouragement and joy in the relationship. Telling your partner all the thing you adore about them can really make for much better communication and negotiation around changes that could be made within the relationship.
2.     Sometimes we can become almost obsessed with a problem in a relationship and have trouble getting our   minds off of the problems. An amazing trick can be to grab our journal and scribble. Yes, scribble ... just scribble. Why? Because it can bring the focus of our minds back into the here and now. You can then colour in areas of the doodle and/or scribble. From my own experience I have used this technique a great deal    and it has helped a lot to clear my mind and almost attain a meditative state. I sometimes call it my "just   stop thinking time". This technique also helps us get back into our own life and stop thinking about how we   would like to change a situation or another person.
3.     We all know we are not able to change another person. So why not sit down with our journal and write out   a list of all things we would like to change about ourselves. Growth and change is a constant thing and our focus for ourselves can change all the time. After making the list take each item on the list and write about   the steps you could begin to take to make a start in changing and continuing to work on you, and just you.  This can be really rewarding and self indulgent: almost selfish if you like. This exercise is so powerful that often within 10 minutes you are completely focused back on yourself and your goals that you forget all about your relationship and spend the rest of your day thinking about you and only you. Keep doing this   until you completely stop thinking about how to change someone else and are completely indulging in things you want to work on, learn or experience all alone.
4.      I call this next journally exercise "Where are we going?"   Grab your journal and write a list of all the things you want to do and experience in this relationship and with your partner. When we write a list like this and possibly share some or that entire list with our partner   it can help clarity our expectations. Expectations are unconscious things we want in the relationship but never ask for or talk about. Often you will share things with your partner that they did not know you wanted to experience in the relationship. One couple I worked with did this. When the wife shared her         list with her husband he had no idea she wanted to take long walks in the evening with him. This was         actually something he too loved to do also but it just never came up in conversation. They began walking  together every evening and this was like a daily date time together where they would plan more things  they wanted to do together. 
5.     Write a letter to YOUR ANGEL.... This is fun! Decide you have a Guardian Relationship Angel, and give him   or her name. So Dear "Whatever name you pick" (Don't be surprised if this name changes along the         way): I want help with......   From here, you begin to write down the problems you are having and what you want YOU’RE RELATIONSHIP    ANGEL to help you with. It's almost like praying and meditating because you are giving your stresses within   the relationship to your angel to help solve instead of over thinking how you can fix it all. Not only that, our angels do not assist us unless we ask them to help us. If you would prefer to write directly to "God', then    do that, or if you would prefer to write to "Dear Universe", then do that. This process is to allow YOU to begin to ask for help and begin to trust something bigger and more powerful than you to help YOU. This is a very humbling exercise and can bring with it real peace of mind when practiced often.
I genuinely hope you try some of these exercises and call our lines to talk to some of our amazing mediums and talk about what you are learning about you and your higher self. We are here to see, feel, and hear what we can about your life, but we are also here to help you grow and be joy filled. All the best to you and I hope you will use some of these amazing exercises and have fun with them!!!!!

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