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Is Your Relationship a Good One?

We all feel that ‘in love’ feeling. But how do you know if your relationship is a good one?  


The first thing that I hope you all have is ‘emotional intelligence’.  This is not just about someone being in tune with someone else’s own inner feelings, but also being in tune with yours.  And of course, you theirs.  


When we can identify our partner needs us to step up, or down; when our partner recognises we need them to be there for us, the emotional intelligence tunes in.  It is not just about us, it is also about picking up on our partner’s emotions, mood and needs. 


I always find that in relationships where each partner is supportive of one another willingly, each partner is willing to help the other and do what they can to make their lives easier for each other. That support is a must in a good relationship. 


This also means neither party tries to ‘outdo’ or compete with their partner. It is not about competition, it is about support and encouragement.  


In any good relationship both parties will try to encourage and value the other’s independence. It is not about being co-dependent, it is about two individuals coming together to make a successful relationship. You are not clones or extensions of each other, you are individuals who enhance each other.


If you both retain your own persona and do not try to change each other; you love them for who they are, not who you wish to manipulate them into being.  There is nothing wrong in your partner bringing the best out of you but be true to who you are and know that is enough.


Communication is key to all relationships. The biggest part of communication is listening to each other and allowing your partner to have a voice. If you communicate effectively with your partner, then there is nothing you cannot talk about, including your vulnerabilities. If your partner can do this then they trust you with their hearts.  


If you have the majority of these, then in my very humble opinion you have a good relationship. 



Shelly x


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