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A lot of people read this word wrong and misunderstand the actual meaning of it. Many people think that if you are ‘single’ that automatically you become independent, which within my experience and within my readings is not always the case. When we are ‘single’ we seem to question our own thoughts, we worry and over analyse. Then a lot of people say that if your within a relationship you lose your independence as you have someone to rely on which again in my experience and within many readings I have done, I have found this not to be completely correct. Some people even think if you don’t have a job, then you’re not independent and if you have a job then automatically that makes you independent.

The Oxford Dictionary meaning of the word Independence - not influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion, thinking or acting for oneself: an independent thinker.

Not influenced by others - ok so this can actually be a positive thing, as others can actually influence you in such a glorious way to help you on your way to happiness within relationships, careers, families and within your homes. For example, when I was within the development stages of my abilities, the teacher really influenced me in such a positive and an inspiring way.

Controlled by others in matters of opinion – Other people’s opinions can actually guide you and up lift you if it’s constructive enough. People’s opinions can give you that boost that you have been looking for to drive you forward in your life journeys. The key is, you take what you want from what is being said and you decide what you wish to do with the information given. For example, feedback for the work I do which are all other people’s opinions of what I do. With this, it drives me forward, making me want to work harder knowing I am making people happy within their lives.

Thinking or acting for oneself – We all do this! Firstly, you have decided to read this article / blog, so you have thought for yourself, when we are hungry we make ourselves something to eat, so guess what we do actually think for ourselves. For example, I had the choice to share this article with you lovely people out there and I thought yes, I want to write this and do my bit for the Ask the Answer platform, clients and anyone else it can help! 

If you have not already noticed what I have actually done, then I will tell you. I have turned all of the meanings of the word Independence into POSITIVES!!

Yes we are all more independent than we actually think we are. Independence is a mind-set which is within us all, within our souls and we just need to find it and develop this thought. So the question is how do we become more independent though, how do we turn things around to develop our independent abilities? Whether your single or not, working or not, own a home or not and have a close family or not.

Step One – Being yourself: One soul, one mind and one greatness. Learn to accept who you are truly from within yourself, believe in you; respect yourself as you respect others. It is important to stay positive within your own thoughts and follow your higher self which is your gut feelings to tell what is right, what is wrong and to help guide you within the correct pathway within your own life. It’s called taking ownership of your own life and living, not just existing. Don’t rely on other people as they will only disappoint you, reply on yourself and stand firmly to your own morals in life. Remember it is your life; no one else’s, be unique and know you are fabulous!

Step Two - Accept your weaknesses: Be aware, develop and make a difference for YOU! Yes we do all have weaknesses, even myself, but that doesn’t make it a negative thought, actually it’s very positive as no one is perfect. We need to acknowledge our weaknesses, learn why they are weaknesses and do what we can to develop them to our own benefit. Knowing your weaknesses is actually a sign of a strong and independent person, as they can acknowledge them from within and act upon them in the way they feel is correct. I call it fine tuning one’s self to develop further our higher thought of ourselves and personal development throughout life. Please remember it is ok to make mistakes within life, as within mistakes, how would we learn to become stronger.

Step Three – Life goals: Be realistic, stay focused and have ambition. Know what you truly want out of life, make a small & simple plan of what you wish to achieve and set yourself realistic time scales to achieve it. Call out to the universe for guidance, really see yourself doing whatever you have set out to do and don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot do anything in life. Have that fire in your belly to drive your motivation onwards and upwards and don’t be afraid to ask for guidance.

Step Four – Welcome others thoughts: Respect, listen and learn: Sometimes other people make us aware of mistakes we have made, of our behaviours and pathways within life, as we may not be able to see what others can see from the outside. What we need to do is embrace these thoughts, understand why these thoughts have been brought to our attention and take what we wish from it. Remember we have our own thoughts within our own minds. Respect others thoughts with positivity and go forward in the way we wish to continue in our own journeys. Sometimes we just let others thoughts go over our heads and sometimes we learn from them, which all depends in the way the thoughts are delivered from the other person. Always welcome these thoughts though as you never know they could change your life’s journey in such a positive light.

Step Five – Laugh and move on: Smile, progress and enjoy. To become more independent from within ourselves we need to learn to bring the goodness out from within ourselves. Yes there are some people out there who may wish to control our own thoughts and point the finger at us for no apparent reason. We need to just laugh from within, progress from within ourselves to where we need to be in life and enjoy every moment of it. Let’s not look back in despair, let others get us down and become a prisoner to other people’s minds. Let’s start living, developing our lives for US and NOT to please other people. YOU are number one in YOUR own life and only YOU can decide what’s right for YOU!!

Firstly I do hope you have enjoyed reading my article / blog and I really hope you can all understand that we actually are more independent than we all think we are already. If I can have the strength to develop my independence for myself and my career then you all can as well because we all have the same goodness and drive from within us all, as we are all equal in life and we can all become more independent as we wish to become.

Keep the faith,

Many blessing to all of you wonderful souls out there

And thank you for reading.

Ally Key.

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