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Hunter's Moon

It's all been going on! The Planets have been a little crazy. Have you felt this?    So many people feeling very stressed , life being challenging, technical and electrical problems, sudden changes and some shocks for folk.

Well there is a very stressful energy pattern in the planets at the moment and so many people feeling it. It's RETROGRADE URANUS in Aries.  Uranus has been retro since July '15 and is difficult in retrograde (internalised stress & tension) but it is extreme at the moment due to Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Virgo all in a tense aspect (inconjunct) to Uranus. Mars has been adding the sharp point and the anger, aggression and Jupiter as an amplifier has been "bigging it all up.  Venus is now joining in too but it's really the Mars, Jupiter conjunction is the main one we are interested in. 
Venus may help soothe the energy a little. Also retro Uranus is still in square to Pluto in Capricorn. Uranus is also in opposition to Mercury in Libra at the moment. Mars, Jupiter are in opposition to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces making people feel light headed, vague, weird and confused. Peoples heads are in a spin and "all over the place", feeling rushed and busy yet not feeling able to deal with it and so an erratic, crazy energy about!

The Mars aspect is passed by Monday 26th Oct, the Jupiter one past by 15th Nov, the Venus one past by 29th October and the Uranus opposition to Mercury past on 26th October. So what signs are mainly effected by these challenging aspects to retro Uranus. Aries, Virgo's, Libra's, Capricorn's, Pisces and also applies if you have Moon, Asc or planets in those signs! So quite a lot of us really and the knock on effects to other signs will mean most people are effected to a degree ~ We also have a Full Moon coming up on 27th October, The Hunter's Moon at 3*45 of Taurus. So a nice earthy grounding Full Moon and it's at 12 05 UCT. A time of fruitions and completions for all and in particular for Taureans, a time to let of stuff that no longer serves us.

This Full Moon harmonises to Neptune in Pisces lending a spiritual quality to the energies and one for self healing as well and connection with Spirit.
Taurean's, Sagittarians and some Virgo's may experience some health issues to deal with.

There's stormy times ahead in more ways than one, so watch the weather!
The planets are always circling and moving , however this energy shall subside and pass.
This is a learning curve for us and a time for TRANSFORMATION ~ Also we can all help out one another and offer and receive some TLC.
 Venus moving in brings a soothing & divine loving energy. Friendship, fellowship, peace and kindness for all.

FULL MOON BLESSINGS IN BEAUTIFUL TAURUS - Rules by Venus on Tuesday 27th October

Tiller's Tarot. 
Next on today ( 27/10 ) at 2pm

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