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How To Develop Psychic Ability - Written By Someone Who Did.

There's nothing quite like the amazing experience of having it proved to you by others who have the information necessary to do so (your clients) that you are actually - really and truly - receiving accurate details about their lives and their loved ones through purely psychic means. And, personally speaking, it's still an incredible experience for me, many years after I first started to actively pursue a clear link with Spirit when this happens.    

Becoming a professional psychic was for me at least a bit like stepping up to the edge of a cliff and... jumping off, in the faith that I would know how to fly when the moment came, but with a mixed feeling of trepidation that I might potentially fall flat on my face if I'd miscalculated.

So how do you start to become a professional psychic? Well, based on my own experience, the most important thing perhaps is a deep desire to work with Spirit for the betterment of others. Don't get me wrong, you don't have to be a 'saint' or an 'ascended master' to make a clear connection (I'm a very normal guy - for example, I grew up in a pub, I love popular music and movies and I've had my fair share of both good and bad times), but a genuine desire to be the best channel for Spirit that you can is, I believe vital. If a person seeks psychic skills for purely personal reasons they may well indeed connect with spirits, but they probably won't be spirits of a very evolved nature and they may indeed ev en turn out to be quite dark. A person's motives will match what and whom they will likely attract from the Spirit World. So, in order to develop a psychic ability to tune into benevolent spirits it's important to honestly want to make the connection for all of the best reasons. When you do, Spirit will be aware and can respond accordingly.

There are lots of things that you can do to help the process of developing psychic ability to evolve. Read lots of books about mediums, channellers and psychics. Study the research that's taken place around the world which has resulted in the gathering of a vast body of evidence which demonstrates that psychic phenomena are for real. Attend courses, workshops and evening classes on subjects like clairvoyance, mediumship, channelling, trance and such like to allow yourself to gently learn how to tune into Spirit to receive evidence which you can present to the other group members, who can in turn confirm to you, as your ability develops, the growing accuracy of what you're doing.

It's important to let the process happen gently, without trying to force things to occur and to be open to exactly how Spirit might choose to work with you. Will you become a medium? A trance channeller? A healer? Let the process unfold and you will naturally find yourself guided in the right direction.

When you've spent enough time tuning into Spirit alone and in groups, and when you have sufficiently read enough about how other psychics developed their ability, in order to understand as much as you need to about how the process of receiving information might manifest for you, for example, it might occur in the form of: Clairvoyance (clear seeing) Clairaudience (clear hearing) Claircognizance (clear knowing) Clairsentience (clear feeling) ... or all of these and more, then all that's left to do, is - to use a popular expression: go for it!

After years of practice, training, readi ng, watching TV shows by all the best psychics I could find - and going to see many of them live, all that was left for me to do in the end was to take that leap of faith, trusting as I did that Spirit wouldn't let me down and that the required information would be provided to me for the benefit of my clients.

Like I said, there really is nothing quite like the amazing experience of receiving clear evidence from Spirit that clients can verify. It's a truly wonderful experience, for all concerned and I treasure the opportunity that Spirit has given me to be one of the many people who are gifted with the means to connect people with the Spirit realm on a regular basis.

If you personally have already done all of the ground work, studied and practised yet are still a little bit hesitant about taking that 'leap of faith' - join the club! But let me add, when Spirit is involved it feels good to learn how to fly. And your wings work just fine!

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