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Haunted Houses, Jails, Tunnels and More

We have all seen the most haunted TV shows, but have you ever thought about experiencing it first hand?  Ask The Answer are pleased to offer you that opportunity courtesy of an exclusive offer from Dusk Till Dawn.  From tours and walks to very spooky overnight events, there are a host of events around the UK.  Visit with top Psychic Mediums to castles, jails, inns, tunnels and much more.    Halloween isn’t that far away now and an ideal time for ghost hunting, however events take place all year round.  Gift vouchers are available and what better idea for that unusual and unique present and what an experience to remember!

Jessica, Director of Dusk Till Dawn tells us more: 

Dusk Till Dawn Events offers members of the public the chance to experience a real ghost hunt for themselves. We provide overnight ghost hunts and ghost hunt suppers as well as organised private ghost hunting events ideal for private parties and groups at our many haunted locations across the UK.
On a Dusk Till Dawn Event night everything that happens is real with no tricks or stunts or play acting and our guests have full use of ghost hunting equipment so they can carry out paranormal investigations just like a paranormal investigator.

As a company we venture to many top haunted locations throughout the year - across the country.
All of these venues are unique and terrifyingly spooky in their own way!

From our own experience the top 6 most haunted locations are shown below - but of course all locations can produce varying degrees of phenomena when they want to – unfortunately you can’t make it happen....

• Woodchester Mansion Gloustershire
• The Galleries of Justice in Nottingham
• Newsham Park Hospital in Liverpool
• Drakelow Tunnels in Kidderminster
• The Old Edwardian School in Nottingham
• The Spirit House in Evesham.

During our events over the years we have had many strange and wonderful experiences too numerous to recall every single one but - one of the most memorable was a full blown apparition of a Spirit Man seen whilst we were holding a vigil in the Medieval  Cave found beneath the Galleries of Justice.
 We have captured some very interesting EVP’s on voice recorders during events and have witnessed strange lights, discarnate voices and have had pieces of large heavy furniture move upon command - along with stones being thrown during events on a number of occasions.

Dusk Till Dawn Events also provide Psychic Development workshops - our friendly professional tutors are on hand to guide and advise our customers every step of the way as they undertake a magical journey be it connecting to the Angels, learning how to read the Tarot Cards or opening the doorway to their very own Psychic Awareness on our Psychic Development Workshops.

"Fabulous night on Friday at the Old Edwardian school in Nottingham .Really can’t explain what we saw and heard and it was so well run!!!! Thank you ladies you really made it a great night!!!! :)
 The Old Edwardian School 15th August 2014 - Emma"

"This was our first Ghost hunting experience. Thank you for making it a good night for us
" Newsham Park Hospital August 2014 - Lara

"Was fantastic, the table tipping was awesome and I still cannot get over how it just stopped and started when we asked it to as it was tipping and then just stopped about 12 inches from the floor!!!!! Loved the pendulums too they were great! A really well organised event and dare I say it as I spent most of the night with my heart in my mouth but I'd love to join you for another one!!! Thanks again"
Drakelow Tunnel Ghost Hunt 2014 - Kay

"Well, what a night! Absolutely awesome - creepiest location, great people and superb team of ghost hunters, I honestly cannot recommend highly enough. So much happened and I have so many awesome pics that I'm going to write a review this evening for all those interested. It's going to be fab! Thanks to Dusk Till Dawn Events for holding such an awesome night & a special thanks to Most Haunted legend Stuart Torevell for making the night even more fab!"
Newsham Park Hospital August 2014 – Stephanie

So what are you waiting for !
To take advantage of your exclusive  10% off, please enter the code  ATH2014 when booking at Dusk Till Dawn.  Please share your experience with us here at  Ask The Answer  if you attend an event, we would love to know how it went!

If you would like to speak to one of our Psychic Mediums right now, please call 01223 559642.
Credit/Debit cards only.

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