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Harnessing Your Potential

“Exist as your potential, seek this and act of as from its first invocation” – Hecate ‘Witchcraft, Destroyer’ – Andrew ‘Titan Auteur, Writer, Oracle’.


In the world of witchcraft, Hecate has long been revered as a powerful and enigmatic deity. Her presence is felt throughout history, her name whispered in reverence by those who seek her wisdom and guidance. According to Hecate herself, the path to unlocking your true potential lies in recognising your existence as a powerful force, and embracing the journey that lies before you.


As you delve deeper into the realms of magic and sorcery, it is important to remember that Hecate calls upon you to seek out this potential within yourself. It is not enough to simply acknowledge it, but to actively pursue it with unwavering determination. With each invocation, you bring forth the energy and power that lies dormant within you, stepping into the role of a witch who is ready to embrace their destiny.


Hecate, the Destroyer, and the goddess of witchcraft, implores you to act upon this potential. It is not enough to merely possess the knowledge and wisdom, but to utilise it in your everyday life. Embrace the spells, rituals, and incantations that align with your purpose and goals. Let the magic flow through you, guiding you towards your true purpose.


Remember, Hecate's words echo through the realms of witchcraft: "Exist as your potential, seek this and act as from its first invocation." This mantra serves as a reminder to embrace your own power, tap into your intuition, and walk the path of the witch with confidence and boldness.


So, dear practitioner, heed Hecate's call and let her teachings illuminate your journey. Seek out your potential, act upon it, and watch as you flourish in the realm of witchcraft.



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