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Harnessing Solar Energy for the Soul

Harnessing Solar Energy for the Soul this Summer SOULstice! 

Aloha Beautiful Soul! With the Summer SOULstice approaching, I Am delighted to co~create a mystical journey with you, as we explore the radiant magic of the sun’s blessings for this auspicious time of the year! 

The sun, that celestial ball of soul fire, has captivated us as humanity for eons. Its warmth, brilliance, and life~giving energy have inspired countless rituals, myths, and spiritual practices across cultures. As the Summer SOULstice nears, with the sun’s energy reaching its zenith, let us bask in the golden glow and infuse our soul within this enchanting world of SOULar energy through these sun~related rituals and practices! 

Sun Gazing~ A Dance with SOULar Power

One of the most bonnie ways to enjoy the essence of the Sun through through sun gazing. This ancient practice that involves looking directly at the sun during specific hours of the sun’s rise or sun’s set. It is something I love to do and regularly engage in as it provides so many benefits such as~ it increases your serotonin and melatonin levels that provides overall well~being and better sleep, to enhancing your energy levels physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, to improving your immune system bringing vitality and resilience into your being and life.

Perhaps though my most favourite part of this sun~related ritual is the deeper connection within our soul that it gives. Through the alignment with the sun’s energy, soul gazing with its essence invites introspection and a way of seeing beyond and into your inner essence which is powerful at any time of the year, yet is even more spectacular during the Summer SOULstice.

It is always wise to sun gaze when the UV rays are low, often at the hour of sunrise or the last hour of sunset, and to begin with just a few seconds and then gradually increase your duration. By making sure you remove any eyeglasses, sunglasses, or contact lens, your will ensure to get the best and most rewarding connection with the sun and your soul.

As you are gazing at the sun I invite you to call forth is mantra~
The sun heals my eyes
The Sun heals my mind
The Sun heals my heart
The Sun heals my body
I Am the Light of Love in my Soul, I Am One with Source
I Am whole, perfect, complete, and beautiful simply as I Am
I appreciate you Sun. Thank you
it is done
Oman raeha (pronounced as Oh mawn ray ah)
Raeha Oman
which in Lemurian Light Language means
I invite/welcome in the Inner Sun
I invite/welcome in the cosmic Sun
to shine

Other Sun~Infused Rituals for Summer SOULstice

As my gift to you, here are a couple of other empowering rituals to weave some sun magic into your life at this magical time of the year~

    1. SOULar Meditation~
        ? I invite you to find a quiet spot where sunlight bathes you. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. 
        ? Visualize the sun’s golden light enveloping you, filling you with warmth and vitality. 
        ? Reflect on your intentions~ what soul gifts do you wish to shine brightly within and to the world now? Allow the sun to infuse you with this clarity and purpose. 
        ? To enhance this meditation, I would invite you to have RaMaDaSa by Snatam Kaur playing and you can sing along. The Cosmic Love Vibration Translation of this mantra is~
          Ra~ Sun
          Ma~ Moon
          Da~ Earth 
          Sa~ Impersonal infinity (The Universe/Source)
          Saa Say~ Totally of infinity (totality of the Infinite Consciousness of All That Is)
          So~ Personal sense of merger and identity (you as Soul embodied merging into Infinite Consciousness)
          Hung~ The infinite vibrating and real
          Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung is one of the major mantras chanted in Kundalini yoga. This mantra taps into the energies of the sun, moon, earth, and the Infinite Consciousness that is Source Energy to bring deep healing.  It can be chanted to heal the self-bringing you into who you are as Soul or to send healing energy to anyone you wish and to the cosmos itself.
    2. Sun~Infused Water Creation~
        ? Fill a clean glass jar with filtered water or fresh spring water and place it in direct sunlight during peak hours (this can also be done if you have a quartz crystal bowl)
        ? As the water absorbs the sun’s energy, it becomes charged with vitality and light. 
        ? Use this energised water for cleansing, anointing crystals, or as a refreshing drink during rituals. 
As you honour the Summer SOULstice, I invite you to remember that the sun’s energy warms your body temple and ignites your soul, ergo why it is called from the soul perspective the SOULstice. I invite you to celebrate and appreciate the sun for its life~giving radiance and soulful illumination gifts, and to allow it guiding Light of Love to shine bright within you as you shine this same Light of Love to all on earth and in the cosmos! 
May your spirit dance with the sun’s rhythms, and may your soul shine bright like a diamond! 
Mahalo for embarking on this cosmic journey with me. Until we meet again under the sun~kissed sky! ~

Lady Nenari
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