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Getting Ready For Spring


Remember that spring feeling, when the sun starts to shine through the windows, and you see all the cobwebs that have being looming all winter. We start to get out that long duster brush and do the spring cleaning.

Some days it may seem far away, but spring is just around the corner, we all know how better it feels when we take the time to de-clutter those cupboards, wardrobes and corners in our homes. The same goes for our minds. When we get rid of what no longer serves us, we feel much better and energised within our-self’s.

In this busy world we all live in its hard to find the time, but a few minutes a day can make all the difference. Taking a short walk breathing in the fresh air or just opening a window will help. Why not buy your self some fresh flowers to brighten up your home with a lovely aroma? Other things you could try is close your eyes and let your whole body relax.

Gentle Breathing: Sit comfortably on a chair let thoughts pass by, rather than pondering on them.

Visualise: A time or place where you felt content and relaxed it might be a holiday or the sound of 

                   Running water from a waterfall, immerse yourself in the sounds and how you felt at the


Keeping your eyes closed breath in and out deeply, enjoy the feeling of relaxation and rest. Then slowly open your eyes and have a stretch.

This in it self is a form of meditation which will help to unwind and feel energised.

You can do this as many times as you wish. Each time it will make you feel more confident and energised for the challenging day ahead.

Of course, we all need a good night’s sleep to de-clutter our minds before going to bed. Try writing all that is going around in your head on a piece of paper before going to bed, then say to yourself “it is there now, and I will not worry about it until tomorrow”. Playing some smoothing music will bring back memories of childhood or lullabies when we were a child. A long hot bath also helps well, burn or put some aromatherapy oils in the bath water lavender, basil, chamomile or ylang ylang are some you could use for smoothing your mind.

Poppy’s are also a good relieve to insomnia and to soothe the mind all adding to a good restful sleep.

When you wake with a refreshing mind you can tackle that list and tick some things off. Blue Opal crystal is good if you are feeling fatigue and tired in the morning.

Stay positive and flow with what is happening in the moment, ready to face new and wonderful opportunities each day.

For a good energised and positive reading give me a call.

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