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Finding The Tarot Deck Meant For You

Selecting a tarot deck can be a lengthy process if you are not willing to settle for something that doesn’t feel right, but it can also happen at any moment if you are lucky enough to find the right one!

The first thing to do when selecting a tarot deck is to ask yourself what is it that you respond to the most when you are tapping into your intuitive side, do you focus primarily on images or colours? Does the feel of the cards in your hands, sliding across your fingers, bring you more in tune with your guides? Is incense or a particular smell one of the triggers that makes the experience more meaningful to you? For me, it was imagery that helped trigger my deeper senses, and so the deck that called to me is one that is very rich with visual detail. Every card tells its own story that helps me to understand what it is that I am picking up about the person I am reading for. I couldn’t imagine what it is like to work with a deck that takes a more minimalist approach to the symbols that represent each card, but for some people it is that lack of detail that allows them to open their minds eye and see the detail there. To some, the feel of an ornately decorated deck, the raised detail of gold leafing or strong deposits of ink helps them to feel their way towards the truth, and to others even the smell of a deck can be very evocative, combined with their personal choice of incense or candles.

When you start to shop for your deck, if it is possible, and the store allows, try to handle the cards, not so much that you may damage or leave your own aural footprint on them, but get the feel of them in your hands. See which sort of cards you prefer, do you prefer a heavier weight to the card or something light that slips along your fingertips? Examine the imagery on the cards and see if it speaks to you, do you feel you can connect to these images? For me, it was almost like a physical impact when I laid out my first formation with my deck, each card looked back at me and I had the sense that they were waiting to help me unlock the secrets within. This is the connection that you are looking for with the deck that is meant for you!

The right deck is a wonderful aid to opening up the windows of intuition and second sight. Keep in mind that they are a tool, and just as a hammer needs a strong hand to guide it to the nail, you must remember that you are the most important part of the conduit between the Tarot and your insights. Remember that Tarot doesn’t necessarily answer questions outright, but helps us to see the connections that put us in touch with what we need to know. Give time and importance to the search for the right deck, and in the end, you will find a tool that can be almost like a best friend!

Article - Gabrielle Tarot Deck

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