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Fearless Energy

I say feel the fear and do it anyway right?!? (Which is actually a powerful book written by Susan Jeffers by the way). I also say there is no such thing as a wrong decision - yes, every decision you have EVER made is the RIGHT one (despite what you or anyone else thinks). Would you be who you are today without the battles, the struggles, the adversity, the challenges? Would you be where you are today if you hadn’t made the decisions you have to date? Of course not. 

I am a 12 times mind, body and spirit author, as well as a public speaker and I always make reference to the fact that our greatest moments (and our placement) are really down to the journey (and more so the tougher times within that journey). 

Fear isn’t real - it’s self-created. Essentially, I see it starting in the mind (it then manifests in the body). We must learn quickly to eliminate any fear or doubt that creeps in (and keep it out). How?

Easy peasy. Begin here with re-wiring the mind (and then step into your fears). The best way I have found to overcome fear is to actually do what scares me most. The first time I got up on stage as a public speaker I was a nervous wreck - palms sweating, knees quivering, heart pounding, tightness in my chest, jelly legs and so on. All this fear buzzing around my head - what if they don’t like me? What if people leave? What if… what if? Forget the ‘what ifs’ - that is just self-created fear (in the mind). And who really cares anyway? If people leave, people leave. If people don’t like me, cool. We care not what others think of us, right? By the way, people do stand up and leave but also people cry, people laugh, people love, people connect and above all (most) people stay to the end. I am truthfully and authentically me and if anyone doesn’t like that then please do leave! I will personally show you to the door!!! With fear though, the solution was really simple - the more I got up on stage as a speaker the easier it became. It’s like riding a bike or learning to drive. It’s a new skill set that requires practice. Sometimes I get nervous now at new gigs for example, but I have learnt to stay out of my head. Negative thinking creates (and embeds) fear. 

None but ourselves can free our mind” - Bob Marley.

I practice positive self-talk instead whenever I feel fear creeping in, and I always replace any negative thought with three positive ones (immediately). I also practice positive affirmations (daily) and this brings me back nicely to how we re-wire our minds. 

I always talk about this at my gigs. If everyone on this planet stepped to me and asked me: 

“How do I re-wire my mind?”

For each soul it would be very unique to them BUT one thing I would say to each and every person is:

“You use positive affirmations every day”.

That is how we re-wire the mind. Affirmations are described as ‘scientific prayer’ (for the very reason that there is science behind this concept). This will begin to eliminate fear and reprogramme your mind (deep into the subconscious mind, where we are operating from around 95% of the time). Let’s grow flowers in our minds, not weeds. 

To finalise here, you are made of strength, perseverance, determination, (and all the other good stuff) and you most definitely have an acquired skill set now too. Win win! I always say people do not need saving - they require an acquired skill set to help themselves. Now go ahead and take on your biggest challenge. Head on. Be strong, be bold but above all, be you! 

You are made from stardust, you have a meat coated skeleton and essentially you’re a ghost, so really, what have you got to fear? Answer = NOTHING! 

Go forth now precious soul and remember that… 

Fear is a liar. 

Lots of love, (bringing you more) Hope xox
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