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Every Question Has It's Own Spread

Every question has …….

Its own spread...

Like every question posed has a unique answer tailor made so I like to think do the tarot cards. Each question is very different to another. The subject matter differs as well as the person asking it.  In order to be able to give the best answers using the tarot I use different spreads to answer different questions.  Here I talk about my most popular spreads and explain why I use them with what kind of question. The first spread I like to use is the 3 card spread...why, well depending on if a client is short of time this mini spread tends to get to the heart of the issue. It's great for seeing where you have been, where you are now and where you will be. Being a short spread it’s not always in depth but great if you’re pushed for time, again this mini spread can cover a whole manner of subjects. By far the most popular spread I'm asked to use is my true love spread. This is a 6 card spread and of course relates to love. This particular spread is more suited to people that are already in a relationship and want to know if this is the one!!! It covers many aspects of your relationship including strengths and weaknesses as well as a connection card which tells you how strong your connection is, finally ending with the true love card.  Another common spread I’m asked to use is my success spread. I generally use this spread around job and career options but it can work well around other subjects too. It looks at situations that will hinder or help you on your quest to greatness as well as guidance on what you can do yourself in order to achieve your goals. I also like the Celtic cross. This spread has been around for years and is a tried and tested spread to answer all manner of questions in an in depth way. It looks at your past, your future, your alternate future as well as people around you and guidance in the right direction for your life.  It can however go off on a tangent and look at other aspects of your life not just the question you are asking! It's extremely good at picking up other little niggles. I also like my spiritual guidance spread which consists of 8 cards and gives lots of useful advice on many issues. Finally a spread that I've devised myself is my star spread. This is another very versatile spread and is a really good one for seeing what the year ahead may look like as well as focusing on what you need to do yourself to live the best year you can.  Again I can use this spread for many different areas of your life.  I also can read the Avalon tarot cards but that's another blog for another day!! As far as my favourite?  Well, that of course depends on the question…!! Ask me the question and I'll find the spread.

Have a super duper day… Emzy. 600345


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