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EmailWhat is difference about an email reading to a phone reading?
A reading is essentially a reading but it can be done in various methods such one to one, phone, webcam or email reading. What is different between phone readings to email readings is how the psychic reader reads the individual requesting the reading. Over the phone the psychic reader utilises the individual voice, aura and soul to pick up messages by seeing and hearing their angels and spirit guides.  In an email reading the psychic reader does not have a voice/aura but only has the individual’s date of birth and sometimes the time of birth. Nevertheless the psychic reader is still able to tune into the individual’s vibration by using techniques such as crystal ball, visualisation, tarot, astrology and angel guidance by posing the specific questions asked in an email reading to the universe and specific spirit guides to obtain the specific answers.

How do you I about it? 
I  regularly listen to her spirit guides and utilise cosmic ordering, law of attraction, astrology, numerology, tarot, runes, crystals and angels cards very well when doing email readings. When I answer an email reading I use the above applications to answer the questions asked. If you give a date of birth, I will provide specific guidance to how your situation is related to what is happening in the specific stars, planets and moon. I will tell you what to look out for, where there is potential for growth/development and possible blocks in your personal/professional situation. If you know your date of birth/place of birth, I will be able to give your further guidance to your life path and your life influences. I began to follow the stars, planets and moon at young age and hence the name Kosmic Kay. My family gave me the nickname “Kosmic Kay” and it has stayed with me ever since.

If you are not after astrological guidance I will still be able to answer your questions in an email reading by tuning into your situation via crystal ball, tarot cards, numerology, visualisation and also seeking angel guidance to fully answer your questions.  If you require healing I am able to send distance healing as I am fully trained in Reiki.  Tools such as Tarot cards tell a story and I will relay this back to you by writing a summary of the story pointing out key points in your situation. Email readings range from five hundred words to seven hundred.

My email readings are uplifting, inspiring and guiding. I express natural empathy but I also looks to the future giving clear guidance and direction.  Email readings are an effective and increasingly popular way of obtaining a psychic reading as it is all written down and you can refer to it at any time. This can help if you forget what has been stated or you can use it as a form of inspiration when you are having a “bad day”

What information is required to obtain a email reading?
Simply your date of birth, time/place of birth if known and the questions you specifically want to be answered. If you have questions regarding someone else, write their date of birth if known. Some clients provide more information but the choice is really up to you.

Expertise and skill in giving email readings?
For the last two decades I have actively pursued my interests and talents in mind, body and spirit and has become known as a popular Psychic and experienced Clairvoyant. I have written for various magazines and appeared on national TV.  I am fully qualified in areas such as Reiki Healing & Positive Impact Coaching. I can tell you about your destiny, you can change this path if this is what you want and I can also help you deal with the important decisions in your life. So why delay and start emailing your questions to me, Kosmic Kay @ Ask the Answer.

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