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Doubt - If You Can Change Your Minds You Can Change Your Lives

We are all human and as such we each have a doubting mind.

We wish to truly believe something but doubting mind comes up strongly in disbelief.
This is because we have two sides to a brain or a mind. This is what is known as the inner male and inner female. The left and right sides of the brain.

Without the two we would have no inner balance.

We can use doubting mind to our advantage. When we begin to plant a new belief system all things I seek are now seeking me 'or "There is no loss in Divine mind. All that rightfully belongs to me returns to me under grace in miraculous ways’’. Doubting mind inevitably will come up with the negative or opposite thought at some stage if not often.

Whenever doubting mind does this we must remember to plug the new affirmation of faith in to counteract doubting mind...With each step, we go deeper and deeper into deeper levels of mind, right down to subconscious mind. In this way we can re program a belief system and totally bring a new outer reality and miracles into our life. Mind creates and a thought can be changed.

It is good to relinquish willingly all negative attachments and belief patterns and negative thoughts that have stopped you from moving forwards and allowing the process of life to unfold.

Fear can be paralyzing. The fear or trauma may have happened long ago but the deep subconscious programmed response that is there working away silently to stop you from moving forward remains and you may not even be aware of what it is. This has taken root in subconscious mind and must be removed like a weed from the roots.

When you return to Infinite Love and Light in your Heart of Hearts you can say the words in your mind ""I willingly relinquish all negative patterns that are stopping me from moving forward. I relinquish with Love. I let go and I gently move forwards going with the flow. I trust in the process of life and I gently move forwards with Love."

Try this. Incidentally if you have any cysts or hardened skin on your body you will find they dissolve too. They have manifested as hardened areas of thought as Louise *Hayed and other metaphysical Healers and Teachers will tell you.
It's all science of the mind really isn't it?  That, coupled with unending and Divine Love and Light is what we can harness to turn our lives around.

If you can change your minds you can change your lives.

Blessed Be
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